Child Genius TX: 14 Aug 2017, Week


Child Genius returns with 20 of the country’s cleverest 8-12 year olds – and their extraordinary parents – battling across one week in the Mensa backed competition for the title of Britain’s brightest child.

Led by quizmaster extraordinaire Richard Osman, this 6-part series, broadcast across one week, opens with the demanding Spelling and complex Linguistic Memory rounds - testing the recall of the Latin and Greek derived scientific names of 60 fruit and vegetables.

Amongst those competing are siblings, Fabio, aged 9 and 12 year old Olivia, from North London. While their stay-at-home mum Susan believes her drive is vital to both her children’s success she’s clear about who she wants to win the title: “I’m 100% behind the boy”.

12 year old Rahul, from Barnet, has been entered into Child Genius by his fiercely competitive father, Minesh, an I.T. manager. Can Rahul deliver on his dad’s rigorous coaching?

11 year old Oscar from Surrey entered himself into the competition. Disliking pushy parents, he only uses his own to help him study “as a last resort”. Competing is made harder on the eve of the competition as Oscar’s mum, Becky has been rushed into hospital. Accompanied by his dad Neil (“I’m bricking it”) Oscar decides to continue in his mum’s honour – but can he survive the pressure of the opening day?

Elsewhere, 10 year old Tyler, whose American mum Julie (“I am definitely pushy”) has her son on a strict training regime, and 10 year old Maddison - nicknamed “Carol Vorderman” by her peers - are also vying to make it through.

Only 17 children can reach tomorrow’s rounds and be in with a chance of claiming the prestigious Child Genius title.

Executive Producer: Melissa Brown

Series Producer: Paul Bithrey

Production Company: Wall to Wall


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