Sex on Wheels TX: 9 May 2013, Week 19


Sex is everywhere. But what if something stood in the way of your experiencing a fulfilling sex life?

This sensitive and honest documentary takes a candid look at the sex lives of four disabled individuals. From the recently paralysed Karl who is coming to terms with life without an erection, to cerebral palsy sufferer Pete whose hoist helps him into every conceivable sexual position and has ambitions to be the UK’s first disabled porn star.

Leah, a 24-year-old woman with brittle bone disease won’t let her body’s limitations get in the way of an adventurous sex life. Twenty-six-year-old John has learning difficulties and his mother has taken the momentous decision to hire him an escort to help him lose his virginity.

Warm, funny and extraordinary in the range and scope of access to people’s very personal stories, the film explores the different ways disabled people deal with the barriers they can face in trying to fulfil that most basic human need - sexual intimacy.

Firecracker Films

Past TX Information

05 Jun 2015, 23:25
  • R
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  • AD
  • HD

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