Attenborough and Bjork: The Nature of Music (w/t)



Attenborough and Bjork: The Nature of Music (w/t) follows Sir David Attenborough and Bjork as they tell the remarkable story of how and why music has evolved, our unique relationship with it, and how technology might transform the way we engage with it in the future.

Bjork and Sir David Attenborough have admired each other's work for years but this is the first time they will have collaborated on screen. At the heart of this film is Biophilia - Bjork's cutting edge music project and accompanying interactive musical experience - exploring where nature, music and technology meet.

Illustrating how music exists in the natural world, Sir David takes viewers through filming of the Lyre Bird, Reed Warbler and Blue Whales, and also speaks about his own life-long passion for music.

Bjork sees cutting edge technology as crucial in keeping our relationship with music intuitive and accessible to all. This documentary also showcases the amazing range of bespoke instruments Bjork has commissioned to help her perform her ground-breaking new music: a 'pendulum harp', 'sharpsichord' and 'gameleste'.

Prod co: Pulse Films

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30 Jul 2013, 02:10
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