Anna & Katy TX: 6 Mar 2013, Week 10


Episode 5/6, Wednesday 3rd April, 10:35pm, Channel 4

This week, Ignition HQ face another major blow to the business as they discover a rival car wash company has been operating close by undercutting them on price and taking away potential customers. This rival ‘company’ is in fact two young boys who are washing cars to earn pocket money. To ensure they don’t pose any further threat Bex has decided to re-mortgage her house and offer the children £46,000 for a major stake in their company.

In today’s episode of ‘Congratulation’ it’s time to say a special congratulation to one of the viewers in person. Hosts Jacqueline and Susan are joined by guest Patrick who’s not only successfully bought a new jacket from Topshop but was also recently stood in a queue behind Vernon Kay!

Lee Mack makes another special guest appearance as a camp senior medical consultant in German hospital drama ‘Leben Ist Das Leben’ and in ‘24/7 News,’ both presenter and on-scene reporter are finding it difficult not to replicate the accents of those they are interviewing and discussing in the news stories they’re covering.

Somewhat unconventional and unhygienic princesses Joanna and Frida make an appearance at The Royal General Hospital to mark its opening. Then we head to a focus group doing research for a local travel agent. The individuals have been asked to feedback on a slideshow of pictures - one of which doesn’t really seem to bear any resemblance to the topic of holidays.

Episode 4/6, Wednesday 27th March, 10:35pm, Channel 4

One room, three contestants but only one can walk through ‘The Door’ – presenter Eamonn Holmes is this week hosting a tense TV game show where three contestants compete for the opportunity to walk through ‘The Door.’ Unfortunately however there appears to be a couple of technical issues with the show’s computer generated announcer.

Also this week, we visit a popular German TV sitcom about a group of friends who often get together in a coffee house to sit and chat about their lives – no not ‘Friends’, ‘Das Michael.' Then its crunch time for the employees of Ignition. They are holding yet another emergency meeting as the company is making no money due to the fact they’ve only washed one car in two months…that car being one of their own.

Star of stage and screen, Bridget Eccles, is once again heavily relying on her assistant to help her string a sentence together at her latest book signing. Bridget attempts to recall some of her most famous lines to her fans who’ve come down to visit - but isn’t very successful.

In ‘The World’s Most Annoying Numbers’ we’re taking a look at numbers 3 and 70. Big Brother winner Craig Phillips didn’t used to like the number 3 but actually he’s decided to change his mind and Professor of Psychology, Geoff Beatie, thinks a lot of the issues we have with the number 70 can stem from childhood.

Finally, have you ever tried to avoid those irritating street charity workers who’re often in your face and overly friendly in a desperate bid to get you make a donation? Well one unlucky passer by finds it virtually impossible as Anna and Katy stop at nothing to get him to sign up to their charity.

Episode 3/6 Wednesday 20th March, 10:35pm, Channel 4

We return to the employees of car wash company Ignition who haven’t managed to wash a single car since opening and are holding an emergency meeting as a result. Top TV presenter Brian Dowling plays host in game show ‘Pull it Off’ where the aim of the game for each hopeful contestant is to pull off a knob from the ‘Pull it Off’ wall in order to win a prize.

Experts on ‘Olden Roadhaus’, the German equivalent ‘Antiques Road Show’, try their hand at evaluating some antique sausages and special guest Holby City actor Jeremy Edwards takes on a new role in a theatrical stage production.

In the run up to Halloween, today’s episode of daytime show 'Congratulation' is a particularly spooky one. Anna and Katy have been flooded with texts and emails from those wanting a big ‘congratulation’ for achievements such as buying a Halloween costume or watching a horror film - but the most prestigious congratulation has to go to viewer Keith Trent for reporting a phishing scam to Hotmail.

In popular television soap The Lane, sponsored by Vision Ultra Lenses, regulars at the Spectacled Hen pub are taking part in a pub quiz for the chance to win some designer prescription sunglasses. Everyone is left stunned however when character Mark Pupil is unexpectedly arrested on suspicion of murder!

Episode 2/6, Wednesday 13th March, 10:35pm, Channel 4

Anna & Katy is a brilliantly silly new comedy from acclaimed double act Anna Crilly and Katy Wix. It’s a character-driven sketch show that mixes the pair's unique comedy creations with celebrity cameos and daft TV pastiches. Anna & Katy also features some of the most exciting up and coming talents on the sketch comedy circuit.

This episode sees a special guest appearance from actor and singer Martin Kemp as he joins Anna and Katy on German lottery show ‘Zaturday Luckballs.’ Martin’s on the show to plug his new album as well as help the hosts draw the lucky lottery balls… although Martin’s in for a bit of a surprise when he realises just how many lottery balls are drawn in the Zaturday Luckballs draw.

We then head back to the ‘Ignition’ HQ where new intern Andy learns that there’s no ‘I’ in team and we take a look at some of ‘The World’s Most Annoying Colours’ which this week features z-listers giving their opinions on the colours yellow and taupe.

In Rice Britannia, contestants are getting ever closer to reaching their dream prize and they’ve been challenged to push the boundaries of creativity by making art out of rice. Anna and Katy face the tough decision of critiquing each bowl. Also this week we get to meet coppers Lucy and Sonya who demonstrate just how powerful the long arm of the law can be – literally.

Finally, we’re introduced to star of stage and screen Bridget Eccles who more often than not relies on the help of her stage assistant to help remember her lines. Bridget appears somewhat intoxicated when invited onto Ruby Wax’s chat show ‘Wax Chats’ to promote her new film ‘Memory Lane.’

Episode 1/6, Wednesday 6th March, 10:35pm, Channel 4

Anna & Katy is a brilliantly silly new comedy from acclaimed double act Anna Crilly and Katy Wix. It’s a character-driven sketch show that mixes the pair's unique comedy creations with celebrity cameos and daft TV pastiches. Anna & Katy also features some of the most exciting up and coming talents on the sketch comedy circuit.

In this episode, we’ll get to see the duo host exciting new cookery programme ‘Rice Britannia’ which pays homage to Britain’s great love affair with rice. A spin-off of the hugely successful Great British Bake Off, Rice Britannia sees contestant’s battling it out over a 10 week period to win the opportunity to cook rice on top of the Great Wall of China.

Other parodies include; daytime show 'Congratulation', where people write in to be congratulated for completing life's minor tasks such as signing up for internet banking, ‘World’s Worst Words’ which pokes fun at those typical end of the year review programmes and the z-list celebs who feature on them, and we meet ‘The Apprentice’ style like employees of car wash company ‘Ignition’ who are desperate to try and win the company some business

The programme also introduces us to ‘Kuntworts’ a German game show equivalent of Countdown which features a special guest appearance from stand-up comic Lee Mack as he takes on the role of co-host.

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