Alien Investigations TX: 2 Dec 2012, Week 49


Belief in aliens is no longer the preserve of the lunatic fringe. Millions of people around the world, including eminent scientists, now believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. In the past decade an increasing number of discoveries of strange 'alien-like' bodies have emerged, fuelling internet frenzies. Alien Investigations uses science to investigate four of the most bizarre and unusual ‘alien sightings' from the last five years and investigates whether these really are visitors are from other worlds.

On a small ranch in the town of Metepec, Mexico, a mysterious 'baby alien' was discovered in 2007 in a rat trap. Its bizarre appearance and the sound it was making was said to be 'unlike anything of this world'. Reports on the internet claim that the Metepec Creature's body has an unknown structure and contains human DNA deep inside its cells. Some believe this phenomenon to be an elaborate hoax, but others are sure this is proof of alien life. Alien Investigations gains unrivalled access to the creature's body, and using cutting edge science, advanced scanning technology and DNA testing, seeks to finally resolve this five year old mystery.

Alien Investigations also charts the remarkable series of events when three 'alien-like' creatures washed up in 2008 and 2009 on the south coast of Long Island, only 60 miles from New York City. Known as the 'Montauk Monsters', the mystery became a news phenomenon and has intrigued the world's press for four years. Could these creatures hail from another planet or is there a more sinister reason behind their alien appearance?

When anthropologist Renato Davila Riquelme went digging, high on a sacred mountain in the Andes in Peru, in November 2011, he was not prepared for what he would find; the skeletal remains of what appeared to be an ‘alien child'. With an enormous elongated skull almost the same size as its body, Riquelme, claims that doctors and scientists from Spain and Russia have confirmed that the body, known as ‘Wayki', is an alien. The exact origins of the Cusco Mummy remain a mystery and are hotly contested. This programme follows a scientific process to discover the true nature of the body.

Deep in the jungles of Panama, four teenage boys claim they encountered a terrifying alien. Known as The Blue Hill Monster, the boys took camera phone images of its bizarre and limp body. When these grainy images hit the internet the story exploded. What was this grey, shiny skinned, long, thin limbed bloated creature?

Prod Co: Wild Dream Films
Prod/Dir: Stuart Clarke
Comm Ed: Anna Miralis

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15 Mar 2015, 02:30
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