1001 Things You Should Know


TX: April

There are some quiz questions everyone should rightfully feel proud to know the answer to – and then there are those questions where NOT knowing the answer should bring a flush of embarrassment to everyone’s cheeks.

Fronted by Sandi Toksvig, 1001 Things You Should Know sees three contestants go head-to-head in each episode to prove they know the things they should. Answering opening questions unlocks trickier questions, which can in turn help contestant win lots of cash.

Experts will be joined by some familiar faces to pose the questions - from sport and television, to history and maths – and if players get their question right, then they can access a cash question which will be asked by Sandi. This series will feature questions from Tony Robinson, Sarah Beeny, Amanda Lamb, Dr Dawn Harper, Jon Snow, Cathy Newman, Ann Widdecombe, Cecilia Ahern, Lisa Faulkner, Anita Rani, Jameela Jamil, Jamie Laing and Oliver Phelps.

Prod co: Thames Scotland

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20 Feb 2016, 05:25
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