The Mimic


The Mimic is a sitcom centered around the fortunes of Martin Hurdle (Terry Mynott), a seemingly unremarkable maintenance man who in fact conceals an exceptional talent. Martin is what you might refer to as: ‘a bit of an oddball’ but under this peculiar persona, hides an uncanny ability to mimic voices.

Floundering without prospect at a large pharmaceutical company, Martin’s options appear bleak. His one true friend in life is a girl called Jean (Jo Hartley), the only other ‘friend’ Martin can really boast of is Neil (Neil Maskell) a downtrodden newsagent petrified by the news, but enthralled by Martin’s voices.

Stumbling through life, Martin’s mimicry has until now been a fairly fruitless skill. However, in a huge revelation by a former lover (Sharon Duncan Brewster), Martin is about to discover that he could in fact be the father of an eighteen year-old son called Steven (Jacob Anderson).

Pack contents

  • Find out more about the programme, including an episode-by-episode guide to the series
  • Find out a little bit more about Martin Hurdle and those close to him
  • The star of The Mimic on first day nerves, an unusual start to his career, and doing the worst job in the world

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