Mandem on the Wall, and music

Mandem on the Wall

Mandem on the Wall charts the everyday lives of three youths and their wall. Since it began in August 2011, the comedy sketch series has exploded online with over 2.5 million views.

Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kartier collectively write and star in each episode. Joivan and Percelle are accomplished young actors who trained at the Brit School who joined forces with young stand-up comic Dee, to form Mandem on the Wall.

Joivan Wade was a member of the National Youth Theatre and following his training went on to film guest spots on Casualty before creating Mandem On The Wall.

Percelle Ascott is currently filming as the co-lead on the new Russell T Davies series Wizards Vs Aliens, and has had guest roles on Silent Witness and Excluded for the BBC. Percelle was also nominated as one of the UK’s rising teenage stars 2012 by Screen Terrier/IMDB.

Dee Kartier first hit the comedy circuit at the age of 16, performing at comedy clubs all over the UK, most notably The Hideaway and Choice Comedy Club alongside British comics such as Eddie Kadi and Rudi Lickwood.

Mandem have produced eight bonus films for Youngers to be released online after each episode. These will be funny alternative views on the action seen in the preceding episode like "Mandem: How to Draw Gyal" [Mandem: How to chat up girls].


Original music from the series will be available to buy on iTunes. The series will also have a strong presence on E4's dedicated Spotify app with playlists from each episode. In addition, playlists based around the music tastes of the key characters in the series will give the audience a wider and deeper engagement in the musical side of the series.

Original tracks have been written for the show by Aiden 'S.K.I.T.Z' Hogarth, a South-London based producer who has previously collaborated with Tempa T, Dizzee Rascal and Rolldeep.

Working with our writer, Levi David Addai and actor Calvin Demba [MC Jay], Aiden created original lyrics working with Calvin's natural rapping style.