Made in Chelsea cast biographies


Francis Boulle

A 22-year old diamond mining heir, it's no surprise that Tatler has ranked Francis as one of London's most eligible young people for the past three years running. When he's not studying for his degree in International Business, Francis is most likely to be found playing Polo, partying in Cannes or soaking up the sun at the Monaco Grand Prix. He has been romantically linked to Harry Potter star Emma Watson after they were pictured together at Cartier Polo.

Interesting fact: Francis likes to paint portraits in his spare time

Favourite London hangouts: Maddox, Public, The Box

Fredrik Ferrier

The youngest of the Chelsea boys, 21-year-old Fredrik is half-Icelandic and meticulous about his health and fitness. He modelled in New York last summer and is proud of his six-pack but don't think he's just a pretty boy. Fredrik taught himself Piano and is now in the third year of his Music and Languages degree at Bristol University. Best friend of Francis, they both studied together at The Oratory School. His dated Czech supermodel Eva Poloníova.

Interesting fact: Fredrik can speak Arabic and fluent Spanish

Favourite London hangouts: Jak's Bar, Whisky Mist, The Dorchester

Spencer Matthews

Eton-educated Spencer started out as a PR Manager for renowned London clubs such as Movida, Amika and Boujis and now works as a Broker. During the week he is in the office for 6:30am but often parties into the early hours. His family own the exclusive Eden Rock Hotel St Barths where Spencer took a group of his closest friends for a luxury 21st birthday party. He has been linked to Hollywood actress Tara Reid and with girlfriend Funda for a year. Now 22, Spencer is a is running his third New York marathon this year and loves to skydive and snowboard.

Interesting fact: Spencer's first language is French

Favourite London hangouts: The Box, Cecconi's, Soho House Group

Ollie Locke

Flamboyant and fabulous, Ollie makes no secret of his love for fashion and fake tan. The 24-year old is a seasoned regular on the London party scene and currently works as the VIP host for celeb hangout Whisky Mist. He's the guy with the clipboard who everyone wants to be friends with and says it's his job to make sure they have a good time. Out partying every night, Ollie readily admits to always carrying eyelash curlers and is happy to be called vain but never arrogant. He previously worked for Leslie Ash and Lee Chapman at their King's Road bar JuJu and currently lives with Lord Brockett's son, Alex.

Interesting fact: Ollie is writing a fantasy novel

Favourite London hangouts: Whisky Mist, Raffles, 151

Oliver Proudlock

24-year-old party lover and artist Ollie is currently putting all his super-talented efforts into working on his fashion brand Serge DeNimes. Ex girlfriend Caggie (whoooo, what?) is a big fan of the brand and has been helping out by modelling them for him.

The finer things in life, as well as an artistic flare, seem to run in the family... Ollie's father owned Foxtrot Oscar off of the Kings Road and his mother is a successful photographer.

Ollie went to Eton College where he met - and befriended - our very own Spencer. He has also known Hugo since he was about 15 (they met on the presumably under-age 'social circuit') and they have stayed bezzie mates ever since. Ollie went to university with Caggie's older brother Freddie.

Ollie considers himself very chilled out... but at the same time "everyone likes a bit of attention". That's what we like to hear Ollie!

Jamie Laing

22-year-old Jamie is heir to the McVitie's fortune and his ancestors are credited with creating the jaffa cake, digestive and rich tea biscuit. Carrying on the tradition, Jamie's biggest plan in life is to open a 'sexy sweet shop' where customers will be served by 'Candy Kittens'.

A bad night out for Jamie is "one where I don't pull." In the past he's had a thing with Caggie and Millie but thinks relationships are overrated because he's too young to settle down.

He is, however, 100% committed to the business of having fun and loves to party in Berlin, St Tropez and New York or at Public and The Box when he's in London.

His three special powers are that he doesn't sweat, never tires and can sleep anywhere. He is most scared of his bank manager.

Jamie says: "I hate to miss out and I can't say no. This can lead to trouble."

Andy Jordan

Andy Jordan is one third of the new boys joining the MiCrew, who are all friends with the liddle boi, Jamie.

The 23-year-old fills his days as a broker but he's also a keen surfer and has ambitions to set up his own watersports business. He reckons himself a bit of a Feris Bueller type - at school he got others into trouble whilst still remaining the teacher' pet and the most popular. Pretty good skill to have.

What Andy says...

"I'm stoked to be able to do activities with my two best mates Sam and Stevie. Who knows, there may possibly be some romance along the way..."

Stevie Johnson

Andy and Sam call him their 'lovable and innocent little brother' - 23-year-old Stevie Johnson is originally from South Africa and moved to London when he was little.

Now he works in private finance, but he knows Spencer Matthews from their school days together (we bet he's got a story or two). Forever single, he is a charmer with an infectious humour and already has his eyes on some of the Chelsea ladies! Go on Stevie!

What Stevie says...

"I can't wait to mix up the dynamic of the current cast in the new series and I'm looking forward to getting to know one person in particular!" WHO CAN IT BE!!!???

Sam Cussins

Sam is dead sporty (he's especially good at cricket), with a cheeky competitive streak.

He's enjoying his newly single life and is a bit of a ladies man, lapping up all the female attention. When he's not out and about the streets of Chelsea, he can be found having parties in his Sussex country house.

What Sam says...

"I'm looking forward to joining the show and meeting the rest of the Made in Chelsea crowd. Being single, naturally I'll be looking to take a few ladies on a few dates - will certainly be interesting to see how that goes!"


Millie Mackintosh

Millie describes her three biggest weaknesses as carbs, shopping and bad men. Her ideal type is ‘dark and dangerous' and James Franco would be her perfect catch. Growing up, Millie spent summers at the family home in Menorca and now enjoys visiting friends in the South of France, particularly the Riviera and beaches of Cap d'Antibes. After a stint travelling round Australia and South East Asia with Caggie, Millie is working as a make-up artist and always preened to perfection. She loves girlie spa days and having friends over for pampering sessions with her favourite indulgence being a massage and Oxygen Facial.

Interesting fact: Millie loves to cook and throws candlelit dinner parties in her back garden

Favourite London hangouts: Hummingbird Bakery, Public, Boujis

Amber Atherton

At just 20-years old, Amber has already set up her own online jewellery boutique, MyFlashTrash, and launched a brand consultancy business. She is also in the second year of a Fashion degree and about to set up a style blog with best friend Rosie which will document where to buy the outfits seen on Made In Chelsea. With Net-a-Porter creator Natalie Massenet as her role model, Amber's ambition as a young entrepreneur is her number one priority. She has previously appeared in Vogue, Tatler, Love and ES Magazine.

Interesting fact: Amber was born and raised in Hong Kong

Favourite London hangouts: Shoreditch House, Café Boheme, Momo's

Rosie Fortescue

21-year old Rosie has just completed a History of Art degree at Goldsmiths and has set up a placement at a London Gallery over the summer. She has grown up in South West London but spent her teenage years as a student at Downe House Boarding School where alumni include Kate Middleton, Miranda Hart and Sophie Dahl. She is part of the fashion pack with Amber but is often the central link between cast members making her Chelsea's very own gossip girl.

Interesting fact: Rosie has a twin sister, Lily

Favourite London hangouts: Love Bakery, Bluebird, The Box

Alexandra Felstead

Known to everyone as Binky, this 20-year old party girl works Front of House for an investment company. She is very much a country girl in the city and has always loved outdoor pursuits like horse riding and skiing. Binky is equally at ease wearing muddy wellies at her mum's country cottage or in five inch heels at some of the finest bars along the King's Road. Her favourite treats are BBQs on the beach in Cornwall or shopping and champagne trips to Harvey Nicholls with her mum.

Interesting Fact: Colleagues always tease Binky for thinking Bloomberg was a type of flower

Favourite London hangouts: Maggie's, The Box, 86 Restaurant & Bar

Francesca Hull

Matchbox Magazine's Diary writer and blogger, Cheska's ‘Girl About Town' column is filled with news of glamorous parties and society events. The 25-year old previously did PR for nightspots like celeb hangout Jalouse where she would look after guests like Leonardo Di Caprio and Mariah Carey. Cheska dated an Indian Prince for three years and did an MTV show with Tommy Hilfiger's daughter Ally.

Interesting fact: Cheska was born in Bangkok

Favourite London hangouts: Raffles, Maggie's, Beaufort House

Gabriella Ellis

Songstress Gabriella had a number 1 hit single in Greece with HitThe Road Jack and her brand of electro-pop is influenced by Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. Her ambition is to launch a successful career in the UK pop charts so Gabriella is focused on writing and performing her music as much as possible. The half-Greek 23-year old is the only cast member who went to a state school but definitely has a taste for the finer things in life and rarely leaves Chelsea. The most expensive item in her wardrobe is a £1500 Donna Karen dress.

Interesting fact: Gabriella lived in Greece for two years when she was 7

Favourite London hangouts: Maggie's, Raffles, Public

Sophia Sassoon

21-year-old Sophia is the new girl BACK on the scene. Striving for a change, she has swapped her New York life for the elite streets of Chelsea and will be reunited with old flame, Spennie (*gasps*).

Leaving her American acting and modelling career behind, she's keen to get back onto the London party scene and her determination and impulsive nature means she usually gets what she wants.

What Sophia says...

"I am very excited to join Made in Chelsea. I've been enjoying "the city that never sleeps" for the last three years but now I'm back in Chelsea and can't wait to catch up with old friends. I'm single so when it comes to romance, who knows what the future holds?"

Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack

New girlfriend alert! 21-year-old Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack has been dating our very own Richard Dinan for the past few months.

A model and fashion student, she likes to be treated and spoiled with the finer things in life. With her opinionated personality, Ianthe is not averse to speaking her mind. We love that.

What Ianthe says...

"I joined Made In Chelsea because I believe you should take opportunities when they come out of the blue. I met Richard through mutual friends and I'm really excited to see how the summer turns out. I hope I get along well with the rest of the cast, it's a little intimidating, feels like starting a new school!"

Victoria Baker-Harber

Swimwear entrepreneur Victoria loves fashion and her pet pooch 'Foxy', and describes a music festival as her idea of hell.

The 23-year-old is half British, half Fijian, grew up in Chelsea and has a second home in the Bahamas... but she loves exploring New York and the South of France, too.

In London her favourite hangouts are China Tang and Selfridges. She's already good friends with Chloe Green and has hung out with most of the MIC cast before joining the show.

She confesses to owning more than 30 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels ("not as many as Chloe"), always has her nails painted and refuses to ever cut her hair.

Describing her perfect man, Victoria says unkempt nails and bad shoes are her ultimate turn offs and she likes a man who treats her like a lady.

Revealing what people can expect of her on Made In Chelsea, Victoria says: "If I don't like someone, I can't be nice to them. I trust my instincts and they're always right".

Louise Thompson

21-year-old Edinburgh University student Louise has lived in London all her life. When in SW LDN, she resides in South Kensington and is a regular on the West End club scene.

Louise went to boarding school with Rosie and they are good friends... "best friends" in fact.

She dated Spencer for six months (wicked, dramaz) and they rekindled their romance this summer. She has also dated Francis.