Jessica Sula plays Grace


Tell us about your character?
My character is called Grace. She is quite unique. She is very elegant. She likes her 1960s, Audrey Hepburn / Grace Kelly style. She's a romantic. At the same time she can be quite naive as to what's going on around her, or she likes to think she's not aware of issues going on around her. She likes to block them out and believe that everything is a fairytale fantasy world.

What do you enjoy about playing Grace?
I enjoy playing the side of her when she realises what's going on because you see a very much grounded person who knows what she wants. I also like to play the kooky, eccentric side of her because it's just fun.

Do you see any similarities between you and your character?
I think that's for other people to say if they notice any similarities. Some people have said we are similar but haven't gone into details about the similarities. I'd like to think I'm as fun and wild as Grace is!

What do you think Grace brings to the group?
She's quite sensible in her own strange way. I think she is there to remind the group sometimes, "Are you sure you want to do this? Think about it." But she also brings a lightheartedness and she is kind to everyone, so I think she is a bridge builder. She will try and fix things. It's always nice to have that because that type of person relaxes you if you're in an awkward situation.

Is there another character in the group you would like to play and why?
Liv is really cool and so is Laya that plays her. She's quite relaxed and easy going but you never know really what's she is going to do!

What has been your most embarrassing moment on set?
There was a moment in the Cabot Circus shopping centre in Bristol when I got to shout really loudly at midday when everyone was shopping. I had to shout "Peg it" like we were stealing from a clothes shop and policemen chased after me because they thought I was really stealing! That was fun really fun! I nearly got arrested! There were also few times when I would mess up my line but think I was getting it right, that's really funny.

Tell us something about you...
I like to play my guitar. I should be practicing that right now... I am definitely going to get back into it. I like Tracy Chapman, Corinne Bailey Rae, Simon & Garfunkel, Janet Jackson and Janelle Monae. Guilty pleasures are Beyoncé, and Rihanna too. Movies, ‘Cabaret', ‘All about Eve', I love ‘What Ever Happed To Baby Jane?' and Bette Davis movies but I also love ‘The Lord of the Rings' too! Other stuff, I love ‘Family Guy' and I like my Karate, which is nice because you can let out a bit or anger but other than that I think I'm just an ordinary teenager really.