Hunted - The Fugitives

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Dr Ricky Allen: Although he loves being a doctor, Dr Ricky Allen is surprised at how conventional his life has turned out to be, “It’s ironic really I’ve ended up as a Kent GP – can you think of anything more middle class and unthreatening?.” Originally from South London, he lives an unconventional lifestyle and encourages his children to question authority. “I have three kids and my family are everything to me. The surveillance state will be a threat to the way they live, their quality of life in the years to come so I’m doing this because the power of the state frightens me and I want to prove that I can beat them… Whatever the outcome is they’ll say, “yeah you gave them a run for their money dad”, that would be good. “ Ricky believes we are a tip-toe away from totalitarianism in the UK, claiming that George Orwell’s book 1984 was “supposed to be a warning – not an instruction manual”. Ricky hopes his medical knowledge and camping skills will combine to help him outwit the hunters He is confident that his commitment to the challenge and dislike of authority figures will ensure he remains motivated to keep going.

Davinder “Doveski” Singh and Harinder “Harry” Singh: Brothers Dove and Harry Singh want this experience to bring them closer again like they were when they were younger. Although they both admit they like to be right and are very competitive Harry says, “we grew up together but then we drifted apart. But I couldn’t do anything without him: he’ll be my soldier, my right hand man.” The brothers want this experience to challenge people’s prejudices. Harry says: “I’ve got a beard and he’s got a beard – you probably think ‘terrorist’. But I want to rely on people, I want to interact. I don’t want to be hiding.” These Leicester boys are hoping to stay off the grid by visiting temples, mosques and churches and relying on the ‘kindness of others’. As they’re both over 6 foot tall, Harry (6ft 4) and Dove (6ft 2), they reckon that they’ll have to try and blend in with society – because if they try and hide they will definitely stand out.

Emily Dredge and Lauren English: School friends Emily Dredge and Lauren English think a game plan filled with prosthetics, festivals and tents could help them outwit investigators. Online entrepreneur Emily hopes this experience will rebuild her self-confidence. “Self-survival kid” Lauren moved around a lot a child and is now a painter and decorator. Concerned she no longer lives in a free society, Emily wants to challenge herself to survive without the support of her family. The pair can’t wait to break away from the day-to-day responsibilities of life and are together looking forward to “five weeks of absolute mayhem!”

Adam Young: NHS support worker Adam Young wants to learn how he can better prepare for the ‘inevitable’ apocalypse because ‘it only takes a strain of rabies virus to mutate and who knows what could happen.’ With a father in the army and mother with gypsy heritage it’s in his blood to be on the move. Adam developed his survival skills during the millennium bug when his family wore special suits and lived in a bomb resistant house stocked with food to last 10 years. Today Adam hopes to put his ‘apocalyptic survival skills’ to the test.

Emma and Adam Channell: Inspired by the Bourne films, newlyweds Adam and Emma Channell want to break out of their usual routine. Being similarly stubborn, the tech-obsessed couple expect to bicker every step of the way. Both Adam and Emma are aware of the darker side of video surveillance. Adam notes that having a surveillance state means “you have to trust those in power to use it well”. French-born Emma hopes she can stay in the game long enough to celebrate turning 30 with a glass of champagne under a CCTV camera.

Freddie Young and Jacqui Omer: “Working flat out” for most her life, home bird Jacqui Omer is ready for a new adventure and she’s going on the run with Freddie – her son’s live in boyfriend. Convinced he couldn’t cope on his own, Teaching Assistant Freddie is quite happy to follow Jacqui’s lead. According to him “she ain’t a criminal or anything – but I think she’s got the mentality to be one.” Ready for the challenge, Freddie would rather “sit in a ditch crying than quit”, but admits clean clothes, hairspray and his phone are what he will miss most. Freddie agrees with “second mum” Jacqui that Britain’s current level of surveillance is going beyond what is needed to protect people and that now “they’re just being nosy.”

Elizabeth D’Arcy and Sandra Cooley: Tutor Elizabeth and Occupational Therapist Sandra are civil partners and will be celebrating their 16th anniversary while on the run. Motivated to challenge their need for comfort and control, the couple can’t wait to take part in their very own “Mission Impossible”. Sandra believes that they do not look like the typical people to go on the run and have the ability to outwit investigators. The well-travelled couple plan to disguise themselves as mother and son after often getting mistaken for this while on holiday! The couple have differing views on the levels of surveillance in Britain. Sandra is concerned that we now live in a nanny state where levels of surveillance are disproportionate. According to her, “CCTV has its part because we live in a very complex society but it’s gone way beyond what I think is acceptable.” Elizabeth, on the other hand, is often glad there is so much CCTV. She believes that if you’re not doing anything wrong then it doesn’t matter how much you’re being watched.

Stephen Hardiker and Martin Cole: friends Stephen and Martin plan to combine their skills to evade capture. Stephen says “we will fight and we will bicker but we’re so strong together that we’ll be fine.” Despite having a happy and comfortable home life, Steve wants to “get back to discovering who I am… something eats at me. I want and I need an adventure.” Stephen has a passion of WWII history and therefore escaping detection has long been a dream of his, he is excited by the thought of trying to outwit the hunters saying “we’ve just got to outrun, survive, evade – win. I’ve thought about this so much over the years that I’ve got some great ideas about how to evade and how to survive.” Somewhat anti-technology, Stephen only got a computer a few years ago, while IT Specialist Martin is fascinated by how the tracers will try to find him: “I’d like to prove a point that you can disappear.” He plans to use his skills to their advantage, leading the hunters down a fake trail with fake social media posts.