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Could you go on the run? No phone. No cash card. No contact with family or friends. Change your habits, change your appearance… or they will find you? In a world in which our every action can be tracked, HUNTED explores the scale of Britain’s surveillance state and asks what it takes to avoid detection. Going off-grid is now a near impossible task. Our surveillance society catches us on CCTV up to seventy times a day, but the ever-watching eye can see much further than that. Now everything from cash withdrawals and purchases to our telephone calls or social media posts can be monitored. Cameras, phones and oyster cards track our journeys. The places we visit are stored, and our most personal of details sit on scores of anonymous databases. Our every habit and behaviour leaves a data trail of who and where we are. So is it ever possible to slip through the net and avoid detection in a surveillance nation?

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