Humans Series Three Press Pack


It’s exactly one year from the mass Synth awakening that concluded Series 2. Known now as Day Zero, the effect of Mattie Hawkins’ decision to upload the code was immediate and catastrophic. Almost five hundred million Synths could suddenly think and feel and over one hundred thousand humans lost their lives.

Against the turmoil of the Synths, the Hawkins struggle to put past events behind them as they settle into life as a separated family. Laura runs her own law firm, specialising in Anomalous Synth protection, but progress is slow. In Synth free town Waltringham where he runs a local grocers, a lonely Joe begins to question his decision to live apart from his children.

Pretending to be human, Niska and Astrid live together in London with Astrid working at a small bar where both Synths and humans are welcome.

Before long, dark forces of hate are descending upon the Synths and they are forced to fight for their lives.

HUMANS returns to Channel 4 on May 17th at 9pm

Humans Series Three Press Pack


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