Full English production biographies

Alexander Scarfe, Lead Designer, Full English

Alex graduated with a BA (first class honours) Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2005. He went on to gain a PG Dip Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools, London where he was awarded the Landseer Award.

Since 2008 he has practiced as a fine artist, exhibiting painting and sculpture in galleries both in the UK and internationally. Alex has also worked as a freelance illustrator, with pieces published in various newspapers, magazines and the book trade.

Jack & Harry Williams TWO BROTHERS PICTURES, Creators and Writers, Full English

A young production company whose slate includes animation, comedy and drama, TWO BROTHERS PICTURES was set up this summer (2012) by brothers Jack and Harry Williams, to produce television projects that they are passionate about.

TWO BROTHERS PICTURES' first commission is Full English for Channel 4 - an animated sitcom about a quintessentially English family, but underneath it is a satirical look at British popular culture at its worst. The commission gave them control of their own show and made them responsible for a multi million pound budget. The six part satirical animation series has taken two years in the making and will be shown on Channel 4 in November 2012. Jack and Harry have written the series, producing alongside the artist Alex Scarfe who created the main characters and background designs. The hand-drawn animation is by Rough Draft Studios (Futurama, The Simpson's Movie).

Over the last four years Harry and Jack have worked consistently in the US on pilot scripts for all the major networks including: Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, ABC, Paramount and Warner Brothers - and it was there that they saw the strength of the role of the producer / writer combination, which lead them to set up TWO BROTHERS PICTURES in the UK.

Pre TWO BROTHERS PICTURES, Harry and Jack flexed their UK comedy writing skills together with Amazing Dermot for Ash Atalla's Roughcut TV which aired as part of C4's Comedy Showcase Pilot season in 2008; on Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror and also on their own six part original comedy drama Roman's Empire for BBC2/Tiger Aspect. The series starred Chris O'Dowd, Matt Horne, Neil Dudgeon and Sarah Solemani.

A busy time for TWO BROTHERS PICTURES with various projects created and written by HARRY and JACK all close to being green lit. Series include a six part comedy series with actor Adam Deacon already attached; and their first drama, a ten part thriller, in association with Company Pictures. TWO BROTHERS PICTURES have also chosen to co-produce two comedy projects – one with Bwark Productions for Comedy Central and another with Roughcut TV. They also have several shows in development for both comedy and drama with other talented writers attached.

Claudia Katz - Producer

Claudia joined Rough Draft in 1994 to produce The Maxx. Since then she has produced numerous projects for film and television including: Futurama - the series, Napoleon Dynamite, Full English, Sit Down, Shut Up, all four Futurama DVD features, The Simpsons Movie, Drawn Together, Star Wars: Clone Wars I & II, Baby Blues, Spy Vs. Spy, the Looney Tunes Theatrical Shorts; Duck Dodgers - Attack of the Drones and The Whizzard of Ow. She is currently working on Futurama - Season 7, Full English, various pilots, and in-house development. Claudia has received an Annecy Award for her work on The Maxx, Emmy and Hugo Awards for Futurama, Emmy Awards for Star Wars: Clone Wars I & II, and Annie Awards for the Bender's Big Score, Beast With A Billion Backs, and Into The Wild Green Yonder.

Dwayne Carey-Hill - Supervising Director

In addition to serving as Supervising Director on Series One of Full English, Dwayne has directed on several prime-time animated series including: Futurama, Napoleon Dynamite, Sit Down, Shut Up, Drawn Together and the direct-to-DVD features Bender's Big Score and Bender's Game. Prior to his directorial work, Dwayne served as an Assistant Director, Character Designer and Layout Artist on multiple projects including: Futurama, the Looney Tunes Theatrical Short; Duck Dodgers - Attack of the Drones, Baby Blues and Spy Vs. Spy. Dwayne has received an Annie Award for his work on the DVD movie, Futurama: Bender's Game and a Hugo Award for his work on Drawn Together.

Ira Sherak - Director

Ira Sherak has been working in television animation for nearly 20 years at various studios including Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, MTV and Rough Draft Studios. In addition to Full English, he directed on the MTV series, Good Vibes. Prior to that he storyboarded on The Simpsons for 7 seasons, and Futurama for 5 seasons. In 2011, Ira won an Emmy award for his work on Futurama. Born in New York, he actually spent his honeymoon in the U.K., traveling the countryside and eating British pasties.

Richard Bazley - Director

Richard got his first job in animation on the Disney Blockbuster Who Framed Roger Rabbit? He then went on to work as a Supervising Animator at three of the major Animation Studios: Sullivan Bluth Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation and Warner Bros. Upon setting up Bazley Films (2000) he produced and directed an animated short entitled The Journal of Edwin Carp which features the voice talents of Hugh Laurie. More recently Richard directed the acclaimed Sky Commercial Cool Cat prior to working as a director on Full English.

Rough Draft Studios

Rough Draft Studios, Inc. (RDS) was founded in 1991 in a Van Nuys garage. Over the last 21-years the Studio has evolved beyond its humble beginnings into a highly regarded animation production company in film & television. Rough Draft specializes in traditional character animation, computer animation, and the blend of both mediums (as showcased in The Simpsons Movie and the multi Emmy Award winning series Futurama).

The studio houses an incomparable staff of directors and artists in its very own stylin' building, conveniently located on the Glendale/Burbank city line. RDS has produced over 200 half-hours of prime-time animation including: Futurama, Full English, Napoleon Dynamite, Sit Down, Shut Up, Drawn Together, Baby Blues, and The Maxx.

The Studio is currently in production on Futurama - Season Seven, and Full English for Great Britain's Channel 4. Recent work includes, Napoleon Dymamite, The Simpsons Movie, four Futurama Direct-to-DVD Features, Sit Down, Shut Up, Pink Panther 2 - Opening Titles, Drawn Together, and Star Wars: Clone Wars Parts I & II.

RDS also develops for film & television.