Four Rooms


TX: Tuesday 24 May, 8pm, Channel 4

In a brand new eight-part series, four of Britain's top dealers in art, antiques and collectibles wait in four separate rooms, each prepared to spend their own personal fortunes if the right item comes through their door. From memorabilia to a mummified mermaid, art to antiques, members of the public have come to sell their prized possessions hoping to walk away with a life-changing amount of money. But to do so, they have to work out when to sell and when to see the next dealer, because once they leave the room the offer is off the table for good.

Press Pack Contents

  • Find out all about this thrilling new eight-part series
  • Find out abpout Four Rooms' curiosities and taxidermy dealer
  • Andrew is one of the leading antique dealers of his generation
  • Jeff Salmon, well known maverick art and design dealer, has been working in the trade since he was 17
  • Gordon Watson is recognised as one of the worlds leading authorities of 20th Century design
  • Biography of Anita Rani, presenter of Four Rooms


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