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Your plane has crashed into a light aircraft in the middle of the desert. What happens next? How do you escape? This is the task facing Ant Middleton (SAS: Who Dares Wins, Mutiny) and a team of real life engineers in brand new series Escape.

The series will follow a small group of skilled engineers stranded at a crash site in a hostile environment, away from civilisation. In each episode, a new team of engineers will find themselves in a different harsh, dangerous terrain, from desert to jungle, to water to glacier. Ant is on hand to make sure they survive but together the team must make sure they can escape. Surrounded by the wreckage, their only option to escape is to utilise their unique skill set and to build a new vehicle from the debris. The group will have to work together, against the clock battling their fierce, unforgiving environment, using only tools they can salvage from the debris. Will they be able to build a vehicle to escape before it’s too late?

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