Vice box sets on All 4

From Friday 14th September, VICE box sets will be available on All 4. This is the first release of more than 900 hours of VICE’s award-winning long-form content, previously only available on subscription TV services, which will be available to view on demand in a VICE branded hub. Here are details of just some of the content that will be available from Friday:


Needles + Pins

Grace Neutral explores the journey of tattoo art from subculture to global phenomenon.

One series - Six episodes:


With 1 in 3 young people having at least one tattoo, what's the new extreme in Britain? Grace looks at the UK tattooing boom and explores its growing body modification industry.

Las Vegas

Grace reluctantly heads to the Las Vegas tattoo scene to find out if it's possible to find an authentic tattoo experience in a place where you can buy a tattoo and a taco in the same shop.


Grace is in Japan, a country with one of the richest histories of tattooing in the world, both past and present, and discovers how it continues to struggle with its relationship to tattooing.

Los Angeles

Grace travels to LA to find out about the history of Chicano style tattoos and learn how the style evolved from the prison cells and gang culture of LA to the wider world.

New Zealand

Grace heads to NZ during a time of resurgence of the art of Maori Ta Moko tattooing and joins two distant cousins as they embark on an epic journey to claim their Ta Moko.

South Korea

Artist and activist Grace Neutral explores South Korea's underground tattoo scene to discover how younger generations are challenging traditional views around body image.


Hate Thy Neighbour

VICE sends comedian Jamali Maddix to confront far-right groups on the rise in the UK, US and Europe spreading hate across the world.

One series - Six episodes:

America's Far White

VICE sends Jamali to meet members of the National Socialist Movement, the largest Neo-Nazi group in America, who openly idolise Adolf Hitler and are fans of all things White Power.

Hunting the White Devil

VICE sends Jamali to Harlem, NY to meet the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge: the black separatists who believe they are the Jewish descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Football, Fascists and the Frontline

VICE sends Jamali to meet with Azov, a far-right militant group that has risen in legitimacy despite its neo-Nazi roots.

Britain's Everyday Extremism

VICE sends Jamali home to Britain to confront our most deep-rooted fears about the future of our country and Britain's acceptance of multiculturalism and racism in the shadow of Brexit.

Sweden's Far Right Youth

VICE sends Jamali to meet the Nordic Youth, who patrol Sweden's streets hunting 'rapefugees'. Is this a valid reaction to an immigration epidemic, or are they just a bunch of ignorant kids?

Forbidden Love in Israel

VICE sends Jamali to the Holy Land to meet the Lehava, an anti-assimilation group that tries to prevent Arabs and Jews from marrying.


F*** That’s Delicious

Three series

The life and eating habits of rap’s greatest bon vivant, Action Bronson.

Series 1:

Multiculturalism at its Best

Action Bronson stops in DC, Atlanta, and Miami, sampling southern BBQ and papaya scallops while his crew smoke and jetski (often simultaneously)

New Friends in Strange Places

Driven by the need for the freshest salmon and grass-fed lamb, Action Bronson takes a break from his tour to cook up a storm in the Pacific Northwest

Culinary Athleticism

Handball court pizza parties, Guyanese juice spots, the best falafel in the city and a flute performance at a Pakistani restaurant make this the best episode of NYC food television

The Foundation

With hyper-local meat-centric dining in the UK, deli sandwiches in East New York, and Thai food in Amsterdam, FTD proves it is in a league of its own

The Showdown in Lamb Alley

Inspired by lamb and leather, Action and crew head to Morocco, exploring the markets to find the most succulent tagines, artisanal giraffe dolls and instruments

Can't Forget Paris

With two sold out shows in Paris, Action and company fit in a visit to a cultural heritage site, fly in a wind tunnel and eat the best veggie burger in the world

Sidelined in the Yukon

So much to do - a concert in Alaska, fly fishing, buying as much outdoor clothing as possible, and some emergency surgery

Long Time Friends

After a lifetime of eating Jamaican food in Queens, it's time for the real thing. Action and Meyhem go to Jamaica for the jerk chicken and a music video for Meyhem's new single.

Series 2:

The Other City by the Sea

Where does Action Bronson go to dive for razor fish, learn a new wagyu beef recipe and cruise in a drop-top Cadillac? The most isolated city in the world - Perth!

In the Garden, to the Moon

In Melbourne, Action and Meyhem try simple Italian fare. In Sydney, appetites for fried chicken and natural wine reach new heights, and Bronson cooks with renowned chef Ben Shewry.

My Fair Bagel

Action makes his mighty return to Auckland, introducing Meyhem to his favourite burger truck. Between bagels and pork shanks, he debuts a new song in a sweaty strip club.

The Gang's All Here

The whole crew is reunited in Hawaii in a celebration of short ribs and boogie boarding

Ancient Feelings Stirred

FTD descends on Barcelona and learns Flamenco. Meyhem and Action go head-to-head in a paella cook-off.

The Caesar Brothers

In Italy, the crew starts at the world's best restaurant, samples shellfish in Naples and eats Roman street food with Mario Batali

A Love Like Wine

Roskilde Festival brings the crew to Copenhagen. Action creates an octopus taco, Meyhem cooks fish and Al is on his best behaviour.

Durag vs Bronco

Action's in LA shooting a music video that features Big Body Bes on a white horse

Bay Area Romp

It's all happening with legendary soul food, explosive chicken, a love-filled Burmese restaurant, inventive California cuisine and beer

Everybody Loves Chicago

The cast of FTD thoroughly indulge in all of Chicago's culinary offerings. Action and the gang hit up everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to Polish Festivals.

Japan, Here We Come

Witness Action Bronson's first time in the Land of the Rising Sun. Bronson, along with The Alchemist and Meyhem, handle a variety of cuisines, rap, and sumo wrestling.


Humble Beginnings

Action visits the Vice offices and reminisces about his early food adventures. Action and Body have an extravagant meal, then it's onto veal brains and the perfect lamb burger.

The Greatest Milkshake Ever

Action and Meyhem hit the gym to get fit and talk about old times. Who could forget the best milkshake ever, roadside ribs and the unreal lasagne sandwiches?

Eating England

Action and Meyhem stretch out and remember the best of Action's UK Tour, featuring homemade Nigerian food, a mid-concert chicken quest and Janet's unfiltered bagel reviews

Baklava and Ninja Turtle Sandwiches

Action's Guy Fieri impression takes a tour of New York City and includes homemade baklava with his aunt and a bacon milkshake before finishing up with White Castle and a hand tattoo

New Orleans Food Fest

Action and Meyhem finish their workout and recall a memorable trip to New Orleans. Come for the fanboats and fried chicken, stay for the lamb necks.

Eating All Over the World

While Meyhem roasts a chicken, Mr Wonderful remembers his travels to Europe and Chicago for some life-changing hotdogs. He sings in Venice and dines with Mike Ditka.

Taxi Cab Food Tour

Join Action for some midnight snacks in New York City's lesser-known, after-dark eateries, from northern Queens to Washington Heights

California Food

Action is off to the land of juice bars and drive-thrus - California! He visits a recording session, eats healthy and gets some Hollywood power-lunch tips.

Luxurious Specialities

Action relives decadent meals. He samples a duck prepared over five days and finished with a silver press, and then it's on to a day of non-stop truffles with an old pal.

Tropical Treats

Action hangs with chef Michael White and chats about the best foods that Jamaica, Hawaii, and LA have to offer. Back in New York, he grills sausages and makes rooftop poke.


Black Market

Michael K. Williams journeys into the dangerous world of illicit trade.

One series - Six episodes:

New Jersey Drive

In Newark NJ, unemployment and lack of hope turns a tradition of joyriding stolen cars into an international criminal operation.

Illicit Abalone

For the fishermen of Hout Bay, South Africa the post-Apartheid years have meant less opportunity as they have are forced to turn to poaching to survive.

High Stakes

In New York City, an illegal gambling underworld flourishes, but sometimes the largest losers are the ones running the games.

The Lean Scene

Across the U.S., a powerful opioid-based cough syrup has become a dangerous pop culture sensation.

Iron Pipeline

Gunrunners move weapons from American states with loose laws to states with stricter ones, in a never ending flow that law enforcement can't seem to stop.

Lifted in London

In a vicious cycle of dependency and despair, drug addicts shoplift meat and other everyday items and sell them to cash-strapped Brits struggling to get by in today's UK.

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