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The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds is back for a one-off special, and this time we’re going on holiday! The series that offers viewers a fascinating insight into the lives of our little ones has joined forces with Thomas Cook. Some familiar faces from the previous series are jetting off to the Sunwing family resort in Cyprus, and they are taking their families along too. Once more we’ll have the opportunity to observe how a group of four, five and six year olds interact and play together but this time all against the backdrop of sun, sea and Souvlaki.

The children will be sampling everything that a holiday abroad has to offer; the frenzied excitement of packing and flying, the adrenaline rush of the water park and the first taste of exotic delicacies. They’ll be taking part in the holiday quiz, learning to swim at the pool and there’s even the chance to make new friendships...

The much-treasured family holiday abroad presents the perfect prism through which to observe childhood and child development. Our regular experts Professor Paul Howard-Jones and Dr Alison Pike will be offering professional insight in to developmental implications of all the activities. They’ll hope to reveal the science behind the children’s actions and reactions as they experience those special holiday moments, some for the very first time. Whether building cake-towers or learning to swim The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds On Holiday promises a sun-filled adventure to beat the winter blues!

The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds on Holiday airs on Thursday 28 December at 8.30pm on Channel 4, along with a six part mini-series available online at All 4

Tia & Amelia-Rose, 7 and 3 years old


Tia and her younger sister Amelia-Rose live in Kent with her Mum Cheryl, a barmaid, Dad Glenn who works in waste management and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Princess. In her free time she attends classes in ballet, pop dance, swimming and drama.

Tia is not afraid to express her opinion and adopts a leading role with the other children in the group, but sometimes this can get her into trouble. She naturally adopts a motherly role especially in regards to her younger sister. Amelia-Rose likes to take more risks than Tia and can me more adventurous, particularly when it comes to food.

Naomi, 6 years old


Naomi lives in Sheffield with Mum Orla, a Sales Director, Dad James, a Management Consultant and their cat Teddy.

Naomi is bright and forthright, she knows what she wants and what she expects of herself and others. She is very independent, but is also caring and empathic towards others. She’s a problem solver who likes to figure things out for herself and loves giving advice. Naomi is into fitness and fashion and loves to sing. She also loves David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and is a super fan of TV programme ‘Snakes in the City’.

Being tall for her age Naomi often gets treated older than she is and the other children look up to her. This is her first holiday away with her whole family.

Enzo, 5 years old


Enzo lives in Bristol with his Mum Nicola, an Information Security Specialist at a bank, and little Brother Asa.

Enzo is fascinated with how things work and will undoubtedly be trying to figure out how planes are able to stay in the air. He loves being outdoors playing rugby and football. He takes pride in knowing he is the fastest boy in year one. He is very close to his Grandpa, who is a massive influence on him. They enjoy working on special projects together, like making mega sand structures on the beach.

Enzo and Layton have remained best friends since appearing on the series together and didn’t know they would see each other on this holiday. Enzo loves to sing, make people laugh and make up stories, particularly to amuse and keep Layton laughing in the ‘boys only’ club they formed on holiday.

Jet, 6 years old


Jet lives in London with her Mum Molly, a Hypnotherapist and Dad Blue, a site manager.

She is obsessed with superheroes and has a massive collection of outfits and capes. She loves football and started playing when she was two. She was the only girl in her football team, but has now inspired other girls to play, and goes in for tackles harder than anyone else. Kind and compassionate; she will seek out and comfort children who are upset.

Jet has her own sense of style and her own strong opinions with a unique perspective on the world. She is incredibly competitive, fiercely brave and doggedly determined beyond her years. On holiday She acts as the social glue among the group and is very popular. Jet is the first in line when it comes to trying new things, seeing her first down the water slide despite not being able to swim.

Jude, 6 years old


Jude lives in Surrey with his Mum Bonnie, a childminder.

He’s an only child and has a close relationship with his Mum, but he is very outgoing with other children and loves making people laugh. Jude has a passion for learning, especially languages and is talented with Maths. On holiday he enjoyed doing his Maths homework.

Jude is extremely competitive and strong willed, but can struggle with his emotions when he can’t be the best at everything and his confidence can sometimes get him into problems. During a quiz on holiday Jude shows that he is very politically aware for someone his age.

Lola & Mabel, 6 and 4 years old


Lola and Mabel live in Darlington with their Mum Hayley, a Teaching Assistant, Dad Jamie, head of design and technology at a secondary school and their baby brother Ossie.

Lola is a confident child with an independent spirit who forms close friendships, in particular with the girls, and takes these friendships very seriously. Her and her sister Mabel are inseparable and like to look out for each other, however they are very different characters. Lola is often cautious and aware of her surroundings, whereas Mabel is more of a free spirit. Together the girls are very imaginative, it’s not uncommon for them to think of creative role play scenarios to entertain themselves.

Oh holiday she is reunited with her good friend Tia from the series they were in together. Lola has been on holiday before and takes it in her stride. She is an even tempered peace keeper who gets on with everyone, although she’s slightly ruled by little sister Mabel.

Layton, 6 years old


Layton lives with his Mum Lauren, a Rent officer at a local Council, Dad Warren, a salesman at a builder’s merchant and little sister Piper.

Layton is a sharp dresser and a showman who loves being the centre of attention and wants to be everyone’s friend. He is a great dancer and is currently obsessed with Michael Jackson. He spends a lot of time practicing his dance moves, particularly the moonwalk and gets his parents to hold his ankles so he can do the Michael Jackson ‘lean’. Layton is very sporty and will try anything once, he is brilliant at football and is a massive Spurs fan, he is also very skilled on his bike.

Layton is not always the bravest, but uses his humour to get over his nerves and always has a funny expression on his face. On holiday Layton and Enzo have a great bromance going on. He is very charming and loves the ladies and they love him too.

Harry, 6 years old


Harry lives in Knaresborough with Mum Isla, a stay at home Mum who is currently studying for a Masters degree in Public Health, Dad Pete, a Nurse, and older brothers George, 11 and Stuart, 9.

Harry has had a bit of a difficult year with his Dad being in hospital and can be a bit of a worrier, but when he forgets to worry he is very sociable and full of fun. He loves to joke around and be the centre of attention, and he loves playing practical jokes on his family. Harry is very animated; his face can tell you a thousand things. He loves Maths and is obsessed with superheroes, dressing up and ‘saving the world’. Harry has a strong sense of right and wrong, he usually doesn’t like to break the rules, however sometimes he does like to join in when someone is misbehaving.

Harry has been praying for this holiday and is so excited to find out they are going. While on holiday Harry turns 7 and the other children throw a party for him.

The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds on Holiday airs on Thursday 28 December at 8.30pm on Channel 4, along with a six part mini-series available online at All 4

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