Sunday Brunch celebrates its first birthday


On Sunday 24th March, hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer will be celebrating as Sunday Brunch reaches its first birthday.

Since it started in 2012, the programme has been brightening up our lazy Sunday mornings serving a mix of celebrity guests, clever cookery and music from some of the most talented artists there. Over the past year, Sunday Brunch’s audience has continued to grow, regularly attracting around 800k viewers which is up +149% compared to the slot average (Jan & Feb 2013 vs. Jan & Feb 2012). It also draws a strong share of the 16-34 audience.

There’s been a lot of laughs along the way and Simon recalls one of his favourite funny moments so far; 'On one of the shows we had an electrically powered motorbike in the studio. Tim hopped on and was unaware that by pressing the accelerator he would make the motorbike jerk forward. Let’s just say he had a little bit of a shock when he nearly launched himself into the camera crew!'

Tim adds “Sunday Brunch is full of great food, live music and great guests – what more could you want on a Sunday morning? It’s my dream job and I love every minute of it.’

To celebrate Sunday Brunch’s first birthday, Suggs and Willy Mason will be stopping by the studio for a chat plus Simon has created a special set of recipes – each one with its own unique story. The party menu includes; Lancashire cheese sausages, rib of beef accompanied by dauphinoise potatoes and to top it off, Simon will be making a fizzy cola Jaffa Cake cake - a modification of a recipe made on the very first Sunday Brunch which to this day is one of the most popular puddings on the website!

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