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Series Overview

Meet the Six-Pack Superstars and enter a bronzed and beautiful world where winning means everything, and no sacrifice is too small to sculpt the body beautiful and win the ultimate bodybuilding crown. Where pushing your body to its limits, sculpting your guns, and more fake tan? Means more fame. And more cash…

Six-Pack Superstars is a brand new online series which follows eight sculpted wannabes as they attempt to make it to the top of the fitness world, in search of fame and cash.

Gaining a sneak peek into the gruelling training regimes, we discover just what sacrifices must be made to sculpt the body beautiful, reach the top of the fitness game and learn the true meaning of the word dedication.

For the competitors, the claws are out and competition is rife as we follow the eight ripped fanatics as they spend hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds each month transforming their bodies in their quest for extreme fitness, many of whom can reap lucrative rewards in the process.

Facing each other off in national competitions and revered bodybuilding events across the UK, it’s make-or-break time for the eight superstars as they cake on the fake tan, adorn their bejewelled swimwear and hit the stage to find out if months of gruelling nutrition and fitness regimes have been worth it, and learn who will win the ultimate bodybuilding prize.

Episode Breakdown

Episode 1

Meet reality TV star, international DJ and fitness fanatic Joel Corry. His girlfriend is Geordie Shore star Sophie and she is sick of his extreme lifestyle. Sophie holds no punches in telling Joel the negative effect his training has on her… Meanwhile meet the woman whose job it is to make the muscles pop. Audrey Kaipio is the UK’s no. 1 posing coach. When Audrey’s not breaking balls, she’s mentoring students, one of which is Amy, who’s also her PA. Audrey confronts Amy over her body fat issues, but how will Amy take the harsh words?

Episode 2

In the fitness-modelling world, it’s competition season, and posing coach Audrey stops at nothing to get her students primed. Audrey’s heavy criticism means Amy reaches breaking point as she tries to prep for the competition and meet every need of her boss. Meanwhile, Joel and Sophie’s relationship problems continue, and we meet Tom, a world champion bodybuilder with over a million followers, oiling up for a photo shoot. Later, Tom enters the PCA qualifiers, but has all the dehydration, iron pumping and tanning been enough to keep him on top?

Episode 3

World champions Joel and Tom get hot and heavy in the gym shooting a promo video - a lucrative earner - as just one of these videos can earn the boys wads of cash. We meet Micquel an ex-con who turned his back on crime to become a world champion bodybuilder. With the British finals only a few weeks away, Micquel is under pressure to retain his crown and Guy, a 5-time champion bodybuilder is determined to steal it off him. Once best buds, they’re now big rivals. Joel also drops a bombshell on Sophie that puts their relationship on the line and the trash-talking and rivalry heats up between Guy and Micquel.

Episode 4

Meet Bryony, the self-confessed Beyoncé wannabe who’s dropped a whopping four stone through training to become a bikini model. However, her weight loss will mean nothing if she can’t win the title or a trophy. PA Amy has a big decision to make and confronts Audrey…no easy task. Meanwhile, Audrey meets up with her most successful student, James. He’s the UK’s first ever Muscle Model Champion and according to Audrey, it’s all thanks to her. But James has recently become Audrey’s biggest competition, having turned his hand to coaching. Now rivals, could he steal her clients away? And how will their students fare when they go head to head? Meanwhile, it’s the big showdown for Micquel and underdog Guy. As they jostle for position and squeeze every muscle, one of them is moments away from glory...who will be crowned champion?

Episode 5

It’s the day of the UK’s premiere bikini model competition. For the past six months, Bryony has put her entire life on hold and put her body through hell for this one day. Audrey’s team of students are competing but PA Amy has bowed out to keep Audrey happy on the day.

Before show time, Bryony gets pumped and is surrounded by her competition, adorning jewel encrusted bikinis and a whole lotta fake tan. However, moments before she takes to the stage, her £500 bikini suffers a wardrobe malfunction. Will she overcome this disaster to finally clinch the win?

Episode 6

It’s the Miami Pro Finals, and the big guns are out. For bikini model Bryony, it’s her last chance to prove herself, but the strict diet and brutal training regime has taken an emotional toll. Will the huge sacrifices she has made pay off?

Joel has had a big decision to make after girlfriend Sophie broke down. Can he salvage his relationship? Meanwhile, tensions are high and Audrey is on the warpath as she catches James moving in on one of her students, moments before they go head to head on stage. Will Audrey reign supreme? One thing’s for certain, the tans will fade and the champions will come and go, but Audrey will be firmly at the helm.

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