Secret Life of the Zoo: Night-time special shows rare seahorse birth

Meet the magical night-time creatures who come out when the moon is high at Chester Zoo, Tuesday 23 January, 8pm, Channel 4.

In an after dark special, this week's episode focuses on the time that the zoo's 800 nocturnal species wake up.

The twilight team of keepers are waiting and watching as we witness:

the contracepting of fruit bats with implants to quell a population explosion - but in the Fruit Bat Forest, one mum is proving hard to catch as she's carrying a newborn pup


attempts to mate aardvarks with the right gene pools

the courtship of the extraordinary mouse deer


and most magical of all, we follow the progress of Seabiscuit, a shy male seahorse hoping to attract the right female partner so he can incubate her eggs and give birth to dozens of babies. Hand fed by his keepers to give this endangered species the best chance of multiplying, it's the final lunar cycle of the mating season, so Seabiscuit has only a week left to give birth at the next full moon.

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