Q&A with Emmett J Scanlan of Hollyoaks


Tell us about your decision to leave Hollyoaks.

For me, It was the right time to leave, despite the show being in such a great place at the moment. I don’t find it daunting, but I like taking risks - Charlie Casanova was a risk, Hollyoaks was a risk and luckily they paid off, so I want to try taking a risk somewhere else. I'm in no rush though, whether that's in 2 months-time or 2 years I don't care, I'm in a really fortuitous position in my life.

Has Brendan’s exit storyline been everything you hoped it would be?

Absolutely, everything gets yanked up a few gears over the next couple of weeks. It's the calm before the storm. There are stunts, high-drama and dialogue which you expect if it’s the end for Brendan Brady. I am confident everyone will do it justice - I feel very privileged to be part of it.

Will you be keeping in touch with anyone from the show?

There are a few beautiful souls that I'll want to always keep in touch with. But the crew, the production, the people behind the camera, the non-actors - these are the real heroes of the show. They work incredibly hard and keep us actors employed. They're a big reason for me staying the 2 and a half years I did.

How much of Brendan’s character is your creation?

Paul Marquees invented Brendan, and the writing team fleshed him out. They gave me range to play - it was always my job to pump life into him. This place allowed me to DO JUST THAT. Everything that Brendan is, is a direct result of everyone else. They just spoilt me by giving me a plethora of toys to play with.

What is your dream role for the future?

I just want to be able to leave behind a box set of characters that I'm proud of, which will inspire people, like Rocky did when I was a kid. I remember wanting to be the hero and that movie pushed me inside my imagination, which I’ve been lucky enough to live inside ever since.

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