Nashville meets Trashville


It might look like an album cover for a peculiarly square and talentless Country and Western urban collective. Or perhaps a gathering of the Merthyr Tydfil Line Dancing Society sporting their own brand of fashion dosey-don’ts. Or just a cheerful collection of denim-clad nincompoops all queuing for the same bus. What it doesn’t resemble is a crack troop of PR whizzes taking a break from their hectic, high-powered lives for a brief moment of levity to publicise Nashville, starting tonight (Thursday 7th February) at 10pm on More4.

The Magnificent Nine (that would have worked so much better if we’d lost two more to the coyotes) came in sporting their most ranchtastic, rodeorrific, rootin-tootin-six-shootin’ cowboy gear in honour of the magnificent new drama set in the cutthroat world of country music.

(Those of us for whom the very idea of double denim is a sickening abhorrence can only look on in despair. Repeat after me: “What’s okay in Nashville is NOT okay in SW1, people!”)

The role of shame, reading from left to right, is: Nikki Neate, aka Sherriff Shades; Chris “Hidin’ Boy” Worwood; Alex “Hasidic Cowboy” Dyche; Chrissy ‘Silverado’ Silva; ‘Big Red’ Jimbob Macleod; ‘Uncle’ Sam Elliott; Alex Wells-Fargo; Kiran ‘The Kid’ Poonia; and Benjamin ‘If We Put Him in a Stetson He’d Look Like a Young Speccy Member of ZZ Top” Ward.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Yee. And indeed Haw.


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