My Mad Fat Diary  back on E4 in February 2014!


She’s sixteen, overweight, with mental health issues and a mum who’s having more sex than her (loudly). At least there’s music, mates, and lady-part-tingler on legs Finn... Welcome to Rae Earl’s life, in all its honest, funny, painful glory.

Set in the 90’s at the height of Britpop and based on the real-life diaries of Rae Earl, My Mad Fat Diary stars Scottish BAFTA-nominated Sharon Rooney alongside Claire Rushbrook (Rae’s Mum), Nico Mirallegro (Finn), Jodie Comer (Chloe), Dan Cohen (Archie), Ciara Baxendale (Izzy), Jordan Murphy (Chop) and Ian Hart as Dr Kester. It’s adapted for E4 by Tom Bidwell.

Series two kicks off at the hazy end of the long hot summer of 1996, just after Rae has finally revealed the truth about her mental health to her gang of friends and shared that moment with object of her lust, Finn. Things are pretty much as good as they get in Lincolnshire. But there’s something looming on the horizon which threatens to disrupt the glorious status quo…COLLEGE.

Determined to put her days as a psychiatric patient behind her Rae is hoping college will be her fresh start. But the thought of starting somewhere new, surrounded by cool girls and brutal boys, is frankly terrifying. Rae also finds herself in scary new territory with Finn. Could he be interested in being more than friends? If so, it’s all she’s ever dreamed of – so why is she freaking out so much?

And home life is as unpredictable as ever…now that Rae’s Mum has married toy-boy Karim she’s acting even more irrational – if that’s even possible.

Having huge resonance with both today’s teens, and those who remember their teenage years all too sharply, the critically acclaimed My Mad Fat Diary returns to E4 in February – and will once again celebrate the uncomfortable, hilarious truth of teenage life through the eyes of our heroine Rae.


Editor’s Notes

My Mad Fat Diary is a Tiger Aspect production in association with Drama Republic.

The E4 series is adapted from Rae Earl’s book of her teenage diaries of the same name. The sequel, My Madder Fatter Diary, will be published on 30th January by Hodder & Stoughton

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