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Dating shows like Take Me Out are all well and good, but there's too much gritty realism, as you'll doubtless agree. Some weeks it's like a Ken Loach film. What the genre needs is a little bit of pixie dust, a splash of fairytale magic - and E4 is ready to provide it, in the form of awesome new date-atainment extravaganza My Little Princess. With royalty, knights, human catapults, jousting bunnies, cess-pits, assault courses, and men being hurled off bridges into moats, it's basically the show John Logie Baird was dreaming of when he invented the telly. Plus, as 50 Shades of Grey has taught us, a date's not a date without two consenting adults in rabbit costumes. At least, I think that was the moral of the story.

Anyway, have a look at the brilliant trailer, and then try, just try, and tell us that you don't want to see more when the series premieres at the end of January. This is the biggest thing to hit TV since The World at War. Probably.

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