My Little Princess - an olde preffe releafe


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a young princess who longed to find the love of her life. The princess dreamed of living happily ever after, but alas this dream looked unlikely to come true because of one thing... her father.

He was fiercely protective of his ‘Little Princess'. Believing no man was good enough for his darling daughter.

Tired of being alone, the princess decided to take drastic action and contacted the Damsels in Distress dating agency for help. The fair princess was inundated with handsome suitors vying for her affection. But to appease her father she had to agree that he could challenge them to prove they are worthy of winning her heart...

And so, faced with the tough challenges the princess's father threw at them, eight brave princes entered the contest to win the heart of the fair princess.

With the help of The Beast - his armoured sidekick - the princess's father whittled the eight princes down to just two. The first fell when his gift of haemorrhoid cream failed to impress and the second was defeated by The Catapult of Truth. The third and fourth suitors were beaten by the Puddles of Trouble and the fifth had his hopes crushed by the Mind Reading Wizard.

As the final three princes faced each other in the Water Duel of Death, they knew only two could continue in the quest to win the princesses heart. As the sixth man was defeated, the two remaining princes began to warm their vocal chords for their final challenge, one that would be judged by the princess herself, the Love Song Sing-Off.

Based only on their dulcet tones singing the classic power ballad, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, the princess finally made her choice with the blessing of her overprotective father.

At last the beautiful princess was ready to ride into the sunset with the prince of her dreams. Did her father pick a true Prince Charming? And will they live happily ever after...?

My Little Princess, a brand new 8 part series, will air on E4 in January 2013.

And if you want to see this exact same press release, but in a nice, olde-style parchment scroll format, click on the attachment below.

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