Made in Chelsea's C4 Mash Up


On January 4th 2013 the Channel 4 Mash Up returns for a night of show-swapping fun from our favourite Channel 4 stars.

SW3 features large, with a number of Channel 4 faces swapping their postcodes for Made in Chelsea as they strut their stuff and party with London's glamorous young socialites.

However, the biggest shock visitor isn't a C4 face, but is none other than Jamie's ‘little sister'.


Proudlock and Spencer can't believe Jamie has never introduced her to them, especially as she was a member of Mensa at 12, at 14 she sat 18 A-levels and is now currently at Oxford. Back in town and at a Toga Party held in her honour, Jamie finally introducers the boys to her - none other than former TOWIE star Miss Amy Childs.

And Spencer is certainly impressed: "Best looking book worm I've ever seen. What happened to the family genes? She's tall and attractive and you're you."

But Amy isn't the only face to cause romantic fireworks at the party. Cheska, ‘The Bridget Jones of Chelsea' as described by best friend Binky, decides the party is the ideal place for Binky and Ollie to meet her new man - Channel 4 News frontman and sartorial style guru, Jon Snow. However, the romance doesn't last the distance of the party once Jamie declares his love for Cheska, leaving her running in tears from the party.


However, left standing out in the cold, it's not long before a very well-known American star offers Cheska a lift home...

And it's not just at the party that stars come out. Mark Francis unleashes Gypsy dressmaker Thelma on his pied-a-terre for interior design inspiration, Rick Edwards fits Ollie with his first measured suit and Francis finally lands an intern worthy of Boulle Enterprises - Countdown whizz and Alan Sugar's right hand man Nick Hewer.

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