Lucky seven announced in new Comedy Showcases series

Nerys Evans, Commisioning Editor, Comedy, Channel 4

The Channel 4 Comedy Showcases return for their 3rd season. The first two seasons spawned full series of The Kevin Bishop Show, Plus One, Free Agents, Campus, Todd Margaret and PhoneShop . This autumn's new series has its sights set to replicate those successes. 2011's offerings are a diverse mix with seven one-off shows. The Comedy Showcases, commissioned by Comedy Commissioning Editor Nerys Evans and Comedy Editor Fiona McDermott

Chickens, written by and starring Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and Johnny Sweet in a situation comedy set in First World War Britain. As the Great War rages, the brave and bold menfolk are fighting the good fight on foreign soil. But in one sleepy English village three young men remain: George is a conscientious objector, Ivor would love to be fighting for queen and country but his flat feet mean the army won't have him - and then there's Herb, a philandering scaredicat on the run. In the eyes of their neighbours they're all the same. They're chickens. But with pretty much every other man away, can George, Ivor and Herb claw themselves back into the good books of the ladies on the home front? Chickens Executive Producer is Kenton Allen, Producer is John Rushton and Director is Steve Bendelack for Big Talk Productions. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans)

The Angelos Neil Epithemiou Show is a studio based comedy entertainment show written by and starring Dan Skinner as his comic character Angelos Epithemiou. This is your exclusive invitation to join a modern day clown living in an oversized world of pure fun. With a full menu of slapstick, jokes, high energy dancing, catchy singing and sophisticated magic, it will involve the studio audience, introduce new comedy characters and play around with celebrities. Produced by Alex Moody with Lisa Clark and Bob Mortimer as Executive Producers,the programme is being made by Pett Television. (Commissioned by Fiona McDermott)

House Of Rooms (w/t) written by Milton Jones and fellow stand-up Dan Evans. House of Rooms sees Milton and his mother living together in a big old house, renting out their spare rooms to a variety of tenants. Including Alice, a shy tongue tied girl who can't quite communicate with Milton who's equally awkward around her. When a new tenant Paul arrives, he seems to just hit it off with Alice, forcing Milton to up his game and try to compete for her attention. House of Rooms is being made by Objective Productions and will be a single-camera sitcom recorded on location, set to be filmed this August and September. Executive Producer for Objective Productions is Phil Clarke and Lee Hupfield is Producer. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans)

Fun Police is a larger than life studio sit-com, which follows the trials and tribulations of a less than competent H&S team. With the last boss hospitalised by an accident in the workplace, a new boss steps up, but he has some questionable management skills. Starring Rhys Darby as boss Leslie, alongside Jack Doolan, Katy Wix, Kerry Howard, Clive Rowe and Vic Reeves. Set in the world of the fictitious Brightsea Council's Health and Safety department, it aims to emulate the style of big knockabout US comedies such as Anchor Man. Produced by Roughcut Television , Fun Police is written by Matt Morgan (Russell Brand's former writing partner and Radio 2 series co-host), producer is Dan Hine, Executive Producer is Ash Atalla and Director is Richard Boden. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans)

Coma Girl follows a group of female friends united by a shared history but divided by almost everything else. Most friends meet for dinner, or at the pub, but for these four old school friends their monthly get together is in the unsettling surroundings of an intensive care unit. Siobhan (Sarah Solemani) is a failing TV presenter, Sarah (Katy Wix) is a rather reluctant mother of three, Pip (Katherine Parkinson) is a pseudo bohemian and Lucy (Anna Crilly), well Lucy is in a coma. After the initial shock, the three old school friends soon realise that Lucy is in dire need of help, if only they could provide it. As Lucy becomes more aware of what is going on around her, we delve into unexpected and funny moments from her subconscious. Coma Girl is an upbeat 30 minute single camera comedy written by Abigail Wilson and directed by Simon Delaney. The Producer is Elaine Cameron and the Executive Producer is Beryl Vertue for Hartswood Film. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans)

Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller, probably best known for the eponymous television sketch shows star in Felix and Murdo; a gag packed studio sitcom based in Edwardian London. Written by comedy stalwart, Simon Nye, ‘Felix and Murdo' is set in 1908, the year the Olympics first came to London. We see the modern men and best friends, Murdo (Armstrong) and Felix (Miller) indulge in a spree of drink and drugs whilst simultaneously competing in the Olympics with no training whatsoever. The programme is a co pro between Objective Productions and Toff Media, a Hat Trick backed company, founded by Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller and is co-produced by Ben Farrell and Saskia Schuster and Executive Producers are Phil Clark and Andrew Newman. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans)

The Function Room (w/t) is a studio sitcom written by Dan Maier. Set in a pub function room which sees pub regulars who've booked the room for different events joined by new characters each week: In this episode the function room is being used for a local community ‘Meet The Police' event, with residents quizzing local police officers about crime in the area. But while the police plan simply to postcode valuables, the locals are only interested in one thing: who is the infamous Shit Egg Killer? And will they actually be able to call him that in the papers? Especially when he's not even killed anyone. ‘The Function Room' is produced by Zeppotron. The Executive Producers are Peter Holmes and Ben Caudell. (Commissioned by Fiona McDermott)


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