JLS, Bieber and Styles get the Full English treatment


Beiber, Styles and JLS are the latest celebs to receive the Full English treatment - this time in the C4 game on The trio feature in the third chapter of the game, just released. (Since when do games have chapters? It didn't happen in my day. Monopoly and Scrabble never had new chapters, or appearances from animated rock stars. Tsk.)


Anyway, someone has explained the game to me, so I'll try and sum it up for you. Like the show itself (Monday nights, 10:50pm) the game is set in the heart of the family home, but within the game the player takes control of Edgar, the dad, as he solves puzzles to try and assemble the family for dinner. So far so straightforward, right? But then it gets weird, like a super-strange cheese dream.


A dramatic turn of events causes the family to be sucked into Alan Sugar's game console, SugarCube, with each landing in their own videogame pastiche featuring a number of well-known names. It's up to players to work out how to get each character back to the real world. Got it? Nope, me neither. I guess you'd better just head over there and see for yourselves. It was never this complicated with my trusty set of dominos, I tell you.

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