Jeremy Paxman to host final EU Referendum debate on Channel 4


Jeremy Paxman will present a final debate live on Channel 4 on the eve of the European Referendum vote as part of a range of special Channel 4 programming building up to the historic Brexit vote. The slate will also include a new topical comedy series Power Monkeys from the team behind 2015’s acclaimed Ballot Monkeys; a new documentary looking into the political dynamic between Boris Johnson and David Cameron; the return of cult Channel 4 show, Eurotrash for a one-off special and an irreverent comedy from Henning Wehn in An Immigrants Guide to Britain.

Jay Hunt, Channel 4’s Chief Creative Officer said; “These shows bring together the very best of Channel 4 – compelling and insightful journalism combined with wit and comic flair. It’s a distinctive line up of programmes that should engage voters with the issues at the heart of the referendum”.

On Wednesday 22nd June, just hours before the polls open, Jeremy Paxman will present the final live European Referendum debate. Waverers and those still to decide which way to vote, will hear from a wide range of well-known and passionate guests including leading politicians, opinion formers and other high profile pro and anti-protagonists. Europe: The Final Debate with Jeremy Paxman (w/t) will provide the last chance for us all to make up our own minds on one of the most important decisions we may ever make.

In May, Boris vs. Dave (w/t), presented by Michael Crick, will explore the battle between two political heavyweights over the upcoming European Referendum. This documentary will explain the history behind the very public duel between Boris and Dave and why these two men continue to lock horns and how it has come to a head over Europe.

David Cameron and Boris John have a shared past, first at Eton, then at Oxford University as members of the elite Bullingdon Club and now at the top echelons of the Tory party. Boris vs. Dave (w/t) will explore the dynamic between the two men and their opposing stances on the European Referendum. Crick will provide his insight into the political history of the two politicians and delve into the incidents that have shaped and formed their political views

Following the success of 2015 election comedy Ballot Monkeys, Channel 4 returns to the political world with Power Monkeys. The six-part scripted comedy will have 2016’s two major global elections in its sights, looking past parochial party politics to cover the Brexit vote, as well as taking audiences behind the scenes at the Trump campaign.

Led by the real world news agenda, and written again by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin (Ballot Monkeys, Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey), the topical political comedy will again be filming much of the show on the day of transmission to ensure it mirrors real world political events. And like its predecessor, Power Monkeys will delight in showing the absurd panic and machinations of all the backstage teams involved in last-minute political shenanigans for 2016.

At a time when we are deciding whether to break up with or embrace our relationship with the EU the eternally debonair Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier will return with édition spéciale of Eurotrash to remind us, their straight laced British chums, of some of the best, worst and weirdest things that Europe has offered us over the years.

Looking back at European politics, fashion, art, music and sex this one-off show returning a decade after the 13th and final series aired, will celebrate the passions of those crazy continentals on our doorstep. From a brand new Eurotrash studio Antoine and Jean Paul will be joined by assorted European guests all there to remind us that, with our without them, we really are just a very sad and insignificant little island with bad food and terrible teeth.

In An Immigrants Guide to Britain, comedian Henning Wehn and his gang of first generation immigrants provide an irreverent guide to life in Britain. Exploring how Britain fits into the landscape of the EU.

Britain can be a confusing place to settle in, with its culture, whims and inhabitants seeming a little odd to the new resident. So how best to integrate? Through a mixture of reports, sketches and hidden camera experiments, Henning teaches the initiated to understand what Brits really mean when they tell someone 'their presentation was fantastic and that you always love having them around’ (their work was awful and you wish they were dead) and Hungarian Veronika works out whether it’s possible to keep a Brit talking about the weather for the best part of an afternoon. From the big issues to the almost overlooked minutiae of British life that we take for granted, this unique sketch show sheds a mischievous light on life in Britain.


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