It's all yellow as C4 greenlights Utopia series two


Stephen Armstong - The Sunday Times - “Utopia is a riotous fusion of Twin Peaks, No Country for Old Men and The Killing”

Andrew Collins – The Guardian - “…politically terrifying, narratively sophisticated and stylistically idiosyncratic, conspiracy drama for brain users…Utopia, is one of the best British serials I’ve seen.”

After six weeks of intrigue, agony, some notable fashion moments, a lot of yellow, and some business with a spoon and chilli, viewers were rewarded with the answer to the most intriguing question of all, where IS Jessica Hyde? Well, on a rooftop, bleeding, with her entire world collapsing around her.

But what now? That would be telling* What we can tell you is Dennis Kelly is locked away in an undisclosed nuclear fall-out shelter, with Cristobel Tapia’s gorgeously unnerving soundtrack on loop, surrounded by an array of condiments and kitchen implements to serve as inspiration for series 2.

So take this time to take a breath, and steel yourself as Dennis Kelly, visionary director Marc Munden, and BAFTA winning producer Bekki-Wray Rogers draw up some more cerebrally-taxing, visually stunning madness.

Head of Drama Piers Wenger says - "Thanks to Dennis Kelly's uncompromising and brilliant writing and Marc Munden's visionary direction, the first series of Utopia shocked and delighted critics and fans by turns. Following the success of the first run, we are thrilled to announce further adventures for Utopia's eclectic cast of characters even stranger, more imaginative and brilliantly intriguing than the first".

*truth is, we don’t actually know ‘what now’

Utopia Series 2 goes into production later this year. Written by Dennis Kelly (Matilda, Spooks) Utopia will be produced by Kudos Film & Television for Channel 4. Executive producers are Karen Wilson (Hustle, Spooks), Jane Featherstone (Spooks, Life on Mars, The Hour) and Dennis Kelly.

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