First Dates stars target UK Top 40 with charity single

They’ve tried their luck wooing the ladies in Channel 4’s hit observational documentary series First Dates, and now Rajan Sharma, Mo Hamza and Terry ‘Turbo’ Lee have joined forces to write a rap single based on their experiences on the programme. The track ‘First Date’ is available for pre-order now ahead of digital release on Monday April 7 2014. A percentage of proceeds from the single will go to Prostate Cancer UK.

The song’s lyrics include nods to the three singletons’ string of dates on the show – with a collective 10 visits to the First Dates restaurant under their belts.

Essex DJ Terry and business manager Mo first discussed the idea of making a song together over social media. They got in touch with fellow First Dater Rajan for his creative input. Speaking about the collaboration, Mo said ‘Terry and I contacted Rajan with our idea to create a First Dates rap and before long we were actually recording. It’s been a laugh making the song with the guys and it’s for a great cause’.

The vocals were recorded in Rajan’s bedroom in Ealing and the music produced by his brother Sachin. Speaking of the recording process, Rajan said ‘We originally planned it as a parody but after listening to the first cut, realised that it was actually quite catchy. We started thinking maybe we could get this played in clubs’.

Terry said ‘We’re aiming for chart domination. Hopefully we’ll have more luck with this than we had with the ladies in the restaurant!’.

The track ‘First Date’ by Rajan Mo and Terry Turbo is available to hear on YouTube and can be pre-ordered from digital music outlets including iTunes and Amazon music. The single has been released independently and will be eligible for inclusion in the Official Charts.

Series 2 of First Dates concludes on next Wednesday 2 April at 10pm on Channel 4. All episodes are available on 4oD –

- ENDS -


(Chorus x 2)

Is she spicy like a Nik Nak? (Mo)

Does she wanna get jiggy jiggy? (Terry)

Do I take out the red flag? (Rajan)

Does she wanna get Jiggy jiggy? (Terry)


Now here’s how it goes, a lil rap with my boys

One date with me and you throw away your toys

I'm a DJ from Essex, not Eminem or Biggie

Told Channel 4 that I like a bit of jiggy

When I'm on a date, its one liners and swagger

But what do you expect from a serial shagger?

All the haters out there, well you’re just bitter

Hide behind your keyboard and you post on twitter

Cringey lines will make the girls feel ill

But I’ll make that up by paying the bill

I talk about sex and I act all silly

But that’s how I roll, with a tingle in my willy

The girls on the show well they're looking for a dish

They don’t expect sex or a licked star fish

I want a beautiful girl, who’s sweet like Kinder

Not a lil hussy who flicks through Tinder

(Chorus x2)


I make women feel special on dates,

But trying to get you is like having to wrestle with apes.

You show me no love like I’m the devil on dates,

Hard to get, am I meant to go heaven and wait?

You playing games and you like to resist

Are you gonna come to mine or is that offer dismissed?

Or will you walk all over me until I jump off a cliff?

And If I don’t dance will you strike me with your fist?

Ca va bien or is it ce ne vas pas

There’s something about you baby, it’s that je ne se quoi

Let’s go to my maison, boudoir

For that voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir, ah

You’re not coming? That’s a red flag

I want to be able to tell my ancient gran

That I’m no longer a virgin on this gracious land

So let’s get started, I’m not a patient man

Is she spicy like a Nik Nak? (Mo)


Hey yoyoyoyoyoyo

Hold it up,

Hold it up with this jiigy jiggy ting man,

Hold it up


Bad boy flow

AKA Pharaoh

Season 2 baby

This one goes out to you, Bentley

Miss you, man. Even though I don’t really like you

Ima make it right all night hold tight

All heads turn when Mo snatch the mic

Most guys got no game, boring like hockey

For me I throw blows, knock them out like Rocky

Rajan and Terry, the type to play cricket

But I fine women with my parking ticket

If I don’t get my daily dose, chicken from Kentucky

I become possessed, Saniya call me Chucky

I’m every woman’s dream, prize win me in a raffle

I don’t give a dam cos I’d rather eat falafel

They told me to spit cos I sound so sickening

I’d share my heart stay away from my chicken wing

If you play your cards right, you cud be my new chick

Cinderella, oh yea if that glass shoe fits

Seen a lot of women but I’m looking for that wifey

Thick in the hips, looking kinda hot and spicey

If you get with a chick, ask her dad and mom,

You gotta make sure that she gonna be the bomb

(Chorus x4)

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