Film4 FrightFest premieres All 4's A Moment of Horror Series

For the first time ever this year, Film4 FrightFest will premiere six horror–themed short films from All 4.

The series, entitled A Moment of Horror, consists of six individual episodes and will premiere throughout the festival which begins on 27th August 2015. All films will then be available exclusively on All 4 at

The films’ directors consist of Rose Glass (Room 55, Film of City Frames), Christian James (Freak Out, Stalled), Weronika Tofilska (winner of FrightFest’s Short Cuts to Hell competition), Lee Lennox (AmStarDam), Andrew Brand (Where There’s Smoke), and Michelle Fox (Zominic), all of who bring their own distinct dark thoughts to the screen. Cast who feature in the series includes Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Hot Fuzz), David Oakes (Truth or Die, The Borgias), Alexa Brown (Absent Mind, The Trial) and Elizabeth Chan (Black Mirror, Silent Witness.).

The creepy encounters in the series include the tale of a young mother who discovers she feeds something much more sinister than her own baby; a janitor who notices the doors he closes on his nightshift never remain shut; and an anxiety sufferer whose troubles take a physical form during a bath-time black out.

Night Feed by Christian James
A young mum is woken in the middle of the night by her hungry, crying baby. In the dark and half conscious, she autopilots her way through the nightly routine... but tonight, something else is waiting.

Bath Time by Rose Glass
Every night before she goes to bed, Evy listens to a self-help tape that aims to tackle her crippling anxiety disorder. But while having a bath, her anxieties take on a horribly physical form…

The Doorkeeper by Weronika Tofilska
A janitor walks through a long, dark corridor at night, closing a number of doors on his way. But the job is not as easy as it seems, since someone - or something - is intent on keeping them open.

Behind You by Lee Lennox
A little girl’s favourite bed-time read is a creepy 19th century spectral illusions book, which hides a nasty surprise for the girl’s babysitter.

What the Dog Saw by Andrew Brand
All Linda wants to do is sleep but her dog Max won't stop barking. If only she knew what the dog saw…

Killing Time by Michelle Fox

A rebellious intern wastes time at work on her mobile phone and discovers a vengeful boss is a force to be reckoned with.

A Moment of Horror will disturb your perception of the mundane, and plant images in your head that will make you think twice before turning off the light at night…

The series is produced by Zorana Piggott at 011 Productions and was commissioned by Jody Smith and Sam Lavender at Channel 4.


Notes to Editors:

Shorts are Channel 4's original short form videos available on All 4, for when you only have time for a five minute fix.

For further information on Channel 4 Shorts, please contact Press Office

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