Extended synopsis of The Hood Maker


Sometime in the future, and yet strangely archaic, The Hood Maker is set in an analogue world that has been caused by the Great Shower; a meteor shower that fried communications, energy conversion and the internet. But it also created the Teeps: a race with the power of telepathy that are feared and revered in equal measure.

Teeps are treated like second class citizens, subjugated and kept at arm’s length by the Normals. Nobody likes to know that their inner thoughts can be read and so civil unrest between Teeps and Normals is growing.

This combustible situation is exacerbated by the Anti-Immunity Bill which gives government Clearance Agents the right to use Teeps to invade people’s thoughts without their consent and take away their sanctity of secrets.

Tensions escalate beyond resolve when a new weapon to be used in the fight against the Teeps is unveiled: the Hood. Each hood gives the wearer the ability to block the Teeps power and cripple the Teep network.

The very existence of this Hood will bring an all-out war between Teeps and Normals that neither race will survive. Humanities only hope is Clearance Agent Ross and a Teep called Honor who are forced to work together to hunt down the Hood Maker and ease tensions between Teeps and Normals before it is too late.

Never before have a Teep and Normal worked together in such close proximity. Ross and Honor will have to put their own feelings aside, work together, trust each other and find the Hood Maker before the war between Teeps and Normals rips humanity apart.


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