E4 invites singletons to ride the Love Shaft

E4 is offering singletons the ride of their lives in brand new series Love Shaft, which takes one lucky singleton from the lobby to the penthouse, meeting sexy singles as their lift stops off at various floors on its way up, taking speed dating to new levels.

The doors of the lift open on each floor on the way up, and the singleton will be met by a waiting suitor. Both will ride together to the next floor and the potential date has to impress quickly; as the doors close on the pair they will be set an ice breaker task. Each task has been designed to help the couple rise to the occasion and make the most of their one-on-one time together.

The duo might get the chance to give each other a sensual massage or partake in some body painting. But will it be enough? Will sparks fly or will it be a close encounter best forgotten? When the lift doors open again on the next floor, another potential suitor will be waiting to enter the Love Shaft. But this elevator was only built for two so the singleton will have to make a quick decision: keep the person in the lift with them for another floor, or swap them for someone new. The pressure is on and once someone is swapped out, they're gone forever!

Meanwhile up in the penthouse, presenter Will Best will be joined by family and friends of the singleton and together they will watch to see if love blossoms and give their verdict on each potential date.

To help the singleton make the right love match, the Love Shaft is equipped with three emergency buttons they can press - just once - at any point during the ride:

  • Emergency Stop - if they want to spend a little more time with one of their dates, they can choose to stop the elevator between floors.
  • Emergency Telephone - can't make a decision? Then call up to the penthouse for advice from friends and family.
  • Door Slam - if the singleton doesn't fancy either candidate at a particular floor, they can opt to slam the doors on both of them. But it's a risky tactic, as they then must take in the next new person waiting when the doors re-open.

All our dates are desperate to make it to the Penthouse, because if they make it that far the tables turn and the successful suitor is given a delicious dilemma of their own. They can either go for the date, or ditch them completely and try to win some cash instead.

Will the singleton make the right decisions or will they regret ditching one of the dates on a lower floor? Can love blossom in the Love Shaft?

The series has been commissioned by Channel 4 Deputy Head of Features, Andrew Jackson, and Features Commissioning Editor, Kate Teckman. It is made by Lucky Day, part of Zodiak Media Group, and will be executive produced by Damon Pattison and Nikki Pinkus. The programme is set to air on E4 later this year.

Kate Teckman said: "E4 is going to take speed dating to new heights with Love Shaft. This is a really unique and fun way to re-invent the dating show for a whole new generation."

Damon Pattison said: "We are utterly delighted to be working with E4 on this brand new comedy dating show format, and are thrilled to be amongst the first non-scripted, pre-watershed commissions on the channel."


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