E4 commissions My Little Princess

E4 has commissioned, My Little Princess, a high concept, fantasy action game show for dating.

In each episode a group of eight young male suitors, 'princes', are transported to a fairy tale kingdom to face a series of outrageous challenges set by the King, the doting father of a single maiden. Which of the eight princes will be gallant, intelligent and determined enough to win a date with daddy's Little Princess?

The challenges the princes face involve terrifying human catapults, filthy cesspits, hair-raising electric fences, enchanted talking horses, puddles of trouble, mischievous prank playing jesters, mind reading wizards and deadly water battles on desolate lakes. At the end of each episode just two princes will remain.

The last princes' standing will then have to prove themselves to the princess as they vie for her affections in classic power ballad sing-off. Based on only their dulcet tones the princess must choose her one true love as the finalists' battle it out to melt her heart. Only one thing is left to be seen, will her dad's tough challenges and intense scrutiny lead to true romance...

My Little Princess is an ambitious, distinctive and innovative new E4 series thought up by Banzai creator, Gary Monaghan.

The series was commissioned by Channel 4 Features Commissioning Editor, Kate Teckman. The 8x60 series will be produced by IWC owned Zodiak Media and will be executive produced by Gary Monaghan. The series will air on E4 in January 2013.

Kate Teckman said: "My Little Princess is a truly out of this world entertaining and innovative format. It is what the fairy tale kingdom of E4 is all about."

Gary Monaghan said: "This is the craziest and most dangerous dating show that has ever been produced. Imagine if Jackass made Blind Date dressed in fairy tale costumes and you might get the picture. We've got witches, wizards, evil jesters, human catapults, talking horses and boys being thrown off bridges into a lake for being rubbish."

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