Deal or No Deal invites you to join its very own summer festival


This summer, Noel will be welcoming the hottest acts of the season to play Deal or No Deal at his very own festival.

Transformed into a trendy festival site, The Dream Factory will have a main stage, campsite, campervan VIP area and even a queue for the toilets. Players featured will include a mix of festival goers and pop stars – with the contestant of the day taking to the stage as the headline act.

But there will be a twist in store for the contestant if they are still in play after choosing their first five boxes as the Banker will offer them the opportunity to win a holiday – or proceed one box at a time if they choose to complete in a tree-mendous challenge. Will the new twists to the game bring the players in touching distance of £250,000?

Deal or No Deal: Dealfest will air from Monday 29th July on Channel 4.

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