Current Affairs commissions The Meghan Markle Effect

Channel 4’s Current Affairs department has commissioned from ITN Productions a 1 x60 mins debate The Meghan Markle Effect. Hosted by C4 News Presenter Fatima Manji, this programme will feature diverse panels of high-profile experts and opinion formers, which will change in each of the parts.

The Meghan Markle Effect will explore the significance of the fact that a firm feminist from a diverse background is joining the royal family; what does this say about how the UK has changed and what impact will she have on the monarchy? This will be in the company of royalists, republicans; celebrities, cynics; comedians, commentators and a specially-invited audience - all in a unique setting.

Will her marriage to Prince Harry simply be a celebration of two people and their fairy tale romance... or does it represent real changes in attitudes? How will the four young royals now take the family business forward?

This lively debate will go out the night before the wedding and will be bold, fun and a noisy celebration of the Royal wedding. Serious subjects discussed in an entertaining, vibrant way.

The audience will also be made up of a select number of high-profile people, plus members of the public, who will give their reaction and personal verdicts on Meghan’s impact throughout the show. Wider public opinion will be canvassed via YouGov during the programme.

Fatima Manji said: “Channel 4 exists to challenge and this programme promises to be an exciting intelligent and insightful take on the Royal wedding. So I’m thrilled to be hosting a lively exchange of views that truly reflect contemporary Britain.”

Dorothy Byrne, Head of News and Current Affairs, said “ When Channel Four began, it deliberately ignored the Royal Family. It is a mark of how the Royals have changed that the arrival of this new member feels relevant and even significant and that even many Republicans have to admit they are rather excited.’


Commissioning Editor: Dorothy Byrne

Director: Martin Collett

Executive Producer: Ian Rumsey and Chris Shaw

Production Company: ITN Productions

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