Channel 4's journalism recognised at Rory Peck Awards

Journalists working for Channel 4 were last night awarded two of the four Rory Peck Awards dedicated to the skill and achievement of freelance cameramen and camerawomen in news and current affairs.

Channel 4 News - Mani's Horror In Homs Report - Winner Rory Peck Award for News

French freelance photographer and filmmaker Mani was presented with the Rory Peck Award for News for his Channel 4 News report, Horror in Homs, which was shot as Syrian forces began their massive shelling campaign in February 2012. Despite facing huge danger, he gained rare access to the people in the city and to FSA fighters as they took on Assad's forces. His atmospheric images, both urgent and intimate, reveal the violence and human suffering that was gripping the besieged city.

One judge said: "Mani went into one of the most dangerous places on earth but never lost his film-maker's eye. Because of the amount of time he spent in Homs - and because of his Arabic - he has managed to tell a complete story. There are some exceptional moments - the street fighting, the sniper alley - which he films bravely and with a remarkable sense of framing. It is profoundly moving work."

Unreported World - Daniel Bogado's Terror In Sudan Report For Unreported World - Winner Sony Impact Award

Daniel's film - made with reporter Aiden Hartley - provided evidence of Sudanese government attacks on tens of thousands of civilians in the troubled Nuba region of the country. The viewer response to the film led to money being raised for a charity supporting the hospital. The UK Foreign Office said the film played an important role in the UK policy debate on Sudan.

The judges described the film as haunting and very moving. One said: "It is sensitively filmed - it is under-stated and well-paced. There are very many small moments which create a huge emotional impact on the viewer. It is not a well-known story but I don't think any of us will now be able to forget what is happening in those mountains."

With entries from across the world, the awards highlight the bravery, talent and dedication of the news industry's independent operators and showcase the incredible stories and images that they uncover.

The winners were announced at the ceremony at the British Film Institute.

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