Channel 4 unlocks even more Fresh Meat for series 3


A new term, a new series of the multi-award winning comedy drama, Fresh Meat (8 x 45’) created by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show, Babylon). But this year there’s more Meat - it’s a bit like getting five Jäger Bombs for a tenner or a BOGOF offer on beans - is launching Fresh Meat Unlocked, an immersive, online experience , vacuum packed with exclusive filmed and interactive content and advice about Uni life. AND if that wasn’t enough, the first episode of Fresh Meat series 3 will premiere on 4oD a week before it airs on Channel 4.

JP (Jack Whitehall), Howard (Greg McHugh), Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie), Vod (Zawe Ashton), Kingsley (Joe Thomas) and Josie (Kimberley Nixon) are all back in Hartnell Avenue and raring to go (new stationary and EVERYTHING). This year as well as being able to watch the bants on Channel 4 you will also be able to have triple A access to their lives via their mobiles on the dedicated website.

Viewers can log on and play with the Manchester Medlock’s smart phones to unveil the inner workings of their minds and even better if you log onto the site via your own mobile it will turn it into your favourite housemate’s device. So, from JP checking STD info via ‘Riskchecker’, Howard’s take on being a ‘real’ man to spying on the student’s browser history and ‘Manchester Medlock Facebook Spotted’ page – you can get the low down on what’s going on behind the scenes. Oh, and for those that are actually at Uni to learn more than the art of beer bonging there’s loads of educational info via the Student Counselor’s page.

Fresh Meat Unlocked will be available to all at 30 minutes after the 4oD premiere. Registered viewers of 4oD will get to watch the first episode of Fresh Meat exclusively from Monday 28th October, a week ahead of its first TV broadcast. This is part of Channel 4’s on-going viewer engagement strategy which uses exclusive content and premieres to reward viewers. After each subsequent episode airs on Channel 4 (Mondays at 10pm from 4th November), new exclusive content will be ‘unlocked’. The housemate’s home videos will also be available on the Comedy on 4 YouTube channel and choons from the series will have their own Spotify playlist to listen to as well.

As for series 3 itself, as we begin JP is promptly throwing himself, head first, into a second year ceremonial mission to f*ck a fresher; accompanied somewhat willingly but not altogether skilfully by his faithful wing-man, Howard. Meanwhile there’s a brand new housemate in the form of genuine fresher and smoking fine filly, Candice. Home schooled and as yet unsullied by student-dom this first year is about to make an impact on the rest of the house, as they set out to show her just how cool they really are.

There’s also another fresh face in the mix as Vod brings back more than everyone bargained for from her travels, in the shape of her new Mexican beefcake lover Javier (which may explain why she and translator Oregon returned from their jaunt separately.) Kingsley, bless his cottons, is experiencing life as an unlikely lothario as he continues to juggle double women trouble which brings us to Josie… Josie may be down in Southampton, slightly disembodied, but in full HD via the technological wonders of an iPad- the question is for how long?

So, stockpile the booze and bring on the bants as Channel 4 provides you with a tuition-fee free series, filled with EVEN MORE epic goings on from our favourite undergrads.

Fresh Meat is an Objective Productions series. Produced by Rhonda Smith and executive produced by Judy Counihan, Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong and Andrew Newman. Written by Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong, DC Jackson, Henritta Ashworth, Jessica Ashworth, Tom Basden, Penelope Skinner, Jon Brown and Tony Roche.

Notes to Editors:

Episode one of Fresh Meat, series 3 will premiere on 4oD with all subsequent episodes airing on Channel 4 first on Mondays at 10pm.

About 4oD premieres

As part of Channel 4’s viewer engagement strategy, registered viewers are able to enjoy exclusive content with online premieres of brand new episodes before they arrive on TV. Previously viewers have enjoyed online premieres of episodes from The IT Crowd, New Girl, Youngers, Peep Show, Made In Chelsea, Misfits, Fresh Meat, and many more.

Fresh Meat has won a host of industry awards over the last two seasons, including: British Comedy Awards (Best New Comedy Programme) RTS Programme Awards (Best Comedy Writer and Scripted Comedy) NME Awards (Best Comedy) Creative Diversity Awards (Zawe Ashton- Best Breakthrough On-Screen Talent)

About Fresh Meat Unlocked

Produced by – Objective Productions and Maverick TV

Executive Producers – Judy Counihan & Claire McArdle

Series Producer – Rhonda Smith

Site Build – Numiko

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