Channel 4 serves up new Secret Eaters and Supersize vs Superskinny


Channel 4 features department has ordered Remarkable Television, an Endemol company, to produce a third series of Secret Eaters and seventh series of Supersize vs Superskinny. Both shows have been commissioned for 8 x 60 minute series due to air in 2014.

Presented by Anna Richardson, Channel 4’s Secret Eaters is back to help address the nation’s widening waistbands.

Secret Eaters returns to expose the nation’s true relationship with food by exploring food myths, uncovering hidden calories and revealing how the small but guilty pleasures we all indulge in can make a huge difference to our waistlines.

Secret Eaters will be putting families, friends and couples under 24-hour camera surveillance to discover if secret eating is at the root of their inability to stay in shape.

With fixed cameras rigged inside their homes, our contributors are also tracked by private investigators Duncan Mee and Cameron Gowlett. They’ll use all the tricks of their trade to gather evidence of secret snacking for the Incident Room.

Anna will once again bring her humour and honesty to the series as she exposes the couples secret eating. She will confront each couple with the physical proof of what they’ve actually eaten and highlight their secret eating mistakes.

The Secret Eaters will then embark on a healthy eating plan to help them shift the pounds. Will their new found nutritional know-how make all the difference?

And just when you thought no one was watching, the series will be rigging cameras in unsuspecting and surprising locations and putting food temptation in the way of the public. From motorway service station buffets to the office vending machine, this series will reveal the truth of Britain’s outrageous and often comedic eating habits.

Supersize vs Superskinny also returns in the New Year to investigate the UK’s dysfunctional relationship with food.

Supersize and Superskinny unite to help each other understand where they are going so dreadfully wrong with their unhealthy diets. When it comes to their emotional association with food, these over and under eaters have more in common than they think and we’ll be digging deep as Dr Christian encourages them to unearth the deep-seated reasons behind their terrible eating habits.

He will oversee proceedings and offer potentially life-saving advice as he helps Supersize and Superskinny kick-start a new and improved relationship with food. After two months on a healthy eating plan, Supersize and Superskinny will return to see if the hard work has paid off in a final weigh in.

Dr Christian will be heading across to where the obesity situation is even worse - the United States of America. Here he will unearth the most shocking stories of obesity whilst investigating the people who are making big bucks out of the misery the epidemic is causing, plus Christian and our Supersizers will spend time with their even bigger counterparts as they learn just how bad their lives will become if they don't change their ways.

Colette Foster, Managing Director at Remarkable Television comments: “In the body obsessed world we are living in, it’s a brilliant time to have two heavy weight series returning. Welcoming Supersize vs Superskinny and Secret Eaters back to our screens in the New Year, firmly establishes our on-going relationship with Channel 4 to produce popular, entertaining, yet thought provoking programming.”

Alex Menzies, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 added, “Both Secret Eaters and Supersize vs Superskinny remain as relevant today as when they were first aired. As a long-standing fan of both series it’s great to be playing a part in their continuation on Channel 4.

Secret Eaters was commissioned by Alex Menzies at Channel 4. The Executive Producer at Remarkable Television is Kitty Walshe and the Series Producer is Curtis Leighton-Jones.

Supersize vs Superskinny was also commissioned by Alex Menzies at Channel 4. The Executive Producer is Oliver Wright and the Series Producer is Fiona Gay at Remarkable Television.


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