Channel 4 reboots 'The IT Crowd Night'

A sneak peak of The IT Crowd Manual available below

Blessed are the geeks: for they shall inherit the earth and lo! Tis so as Channel 4 has unzipped and re-uploaded its much-loved sitcom The IT Crowd, dedicating an entire evening to Graham Linehan's multi award-winning show.

For one night only on Tuesday 24th December at 9pm, fans will get to re-boot the 2013 hour-long special, decrypt a new behind-the-scenes documentary, defrag creator Graham Linehan’s own favourite episode and click send to vote for their own People’s Choice episode to be played on the night. Fans of the show should keep an eye in order to vote

The episode with the most likes will be played after the specially-commissioned documentary The IT Crowd Manual which features high-profile fans plus the creators of the show. Channel4 will close out the night by playing Graham Linehan’s own must-see episode, giving the immensely popular sitcom the send off (or should we say shutdown?) it deserves.

In The IT Crowd Manual, an hour-long geektastic celebration of the sitcom narrated by Stephen Mangan, viewers will watch classic clips (how does a fire start in Sea Parks?) plus up-close-and-personal interviews with the basement-dwelling trio; Richard Ayoade, Chris O'Dowd and Katherine Parkinson.

Matt Berry, who played self-satisfied boss Douglas Reynholm, reveals how he felt taking the mantle from Chris Morris while Noel Fielding details the forbidden chemistry that his mild-mannered goth character Richmond Avenal secretly shared with Jen Barber (Parkinson).

Meanwhile the show’s biggest fans and guest stars (Paul Whitehouse , Danny Wallace, Kevin Eldon, Frances Barber, Matthew Crosby, Boyd Hilton and Lucy Montgomery) share their top moments which – spoiler alert –include Roy asking people (evidently from the past) if they’ve tried “turning it on and off again” and Chris Morris’ (Denholm Reynholm) pension-related suicide.

Finally Graham Linehan, who created, wrote and directed the show, gives a guided tour of the iconic basement set which he likens to “the inside of my head and my office... a cheerful mess.” The beloved basement is, of course, packed full of nerdnip; PCs, Atari consoles, board games, comics, fangifts and, as far as Jen is concerned, it’s home to 'the Internet' itself.

So there you have it; Channel 4’s The IT Crowd Night decoded! Access approved.

Notes to editors

  • The IT Crowd started life in February 2006 and has brought international acclaim to its stars.
  • Chris O'Dowd has since appeared in Hollywood comedies including Bridesmaids and This Is 40, Richard Ayoade has directed Submarine and forthcoming Film4-funded dark comedy The Double. Katherine Parkinson has appeared in Sherlock and Matt Berry is the star and creator of current Channel 4 comedy, Toast of London.
  • Before creating the show Graham Linehan co-created Father Ted and the Black Books for Channel 4.

The IT Crowd Manual was commissioned by Nerys Evans, deputy head of Comedy, Channel 4. The producer- director was Joanna Hanley, executive producer was Jon Rolph and the production company is Retort.

The Final Episode was written and directed by Graham Linehan, executive produced by Jon Rolph, produced by Richard Boden and the production company is Retort in Association with Delightful Industries . It was commissioned by Nerys Evans, deputy head of Comedy, Channel 4.

Links for the night were written and directed by Graham Linehan with Katherine Parkinson.

TX Details: Tuesday 24th December, 9pm on Channel 4

  • The It Crowd 2013 Special; The Internet Is Coming, 9pm, Ch 4
  • The IT Crowd Manual; 10pm, Ch 4
  • The Fan’s Favourite Episode 11pm, Ch 4
  • Graham Linehan’s Favourite Episode, 11.30pm, Ch 4

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