Channel 4 partner with zeebox for Desperate Scousewives

Channel 4 has partnered with zeebox to give viewers of new E4 series Desperate Scousewives a bespoke social TV experience, via the recently launched zeebox app.

The partnership - which will run for the duration of the series - is the first of its kind between zeebox and any broadcaster, and will be used by both parties to explore how the zeebox app experience can be optimised by the introduction of specifically commissioned content. In addition to standard zeebox features - which include related Twitter feeds and news, instant chat with friends, information on tagged programme content via Wikipedia - Channel 4 are working with zeebox to provide Desperate Scousewives viewers with a raft of tailored interactive content, linked from the zeebox app itself and therefore bringing social engagement live to viewers' iPads, laptops or smartphones as the show is broadcast.

Key content, commissioned with zeebox user behaviour in mind, will include a bespoke Twitter visualisation app, @scousewives and cast Twitter activity, cast videos, music information available via iTunes, a Scouse glossary and a google map introducing key Liverpool locations to the audience. This content, commissioned by Thom Gulseven at Channel 4, will also be made available to fans on the official Desperate Scousewives website on

zeetags, one of the key components of the zeebox app, provide viewers with related information and content about key topics, people and places on screen. For Desperate Scousewives, several bespoke zeetags have been identified and will be used to direct viewers to the bespoke content in a targeted and engaging way.

Jodie Morris, Senior Producer for Entertainment, Channel 4 Online, said: "We know that E4's core 16-34 audience are highly engaged with social media, and we have a track record of commissioning innovative online content that complements the on-air offering for our audience. This first partnership with zeebox will be a fantastic way of enhancing the appointment to view experience for our viewers, creating and curating online buzz around the show."

Simon Miller, zeebox Chief of Product & Content Development said: "We are developing zeebox into the ultimate interactive companion for live TV by listening very carefully to the desires of TV viewers and to the needs of TV broadcasters, and what they have both asked us for is a highly tailored and socially engaging fully internet-connected experiences for each show. ‘Showtime' is the first exciting step we are taking with the always-innovative Channel 4 to open up the zeebox platform to broadcasters and programme-makers."

The first episode of Desperate Scousewives will air on E4 on November 28th, and viewers simply need to head to or download the free zeebox iPad app from iTunes to get the ‘Desperate Scousewives' experience whilst the show is on-air.


About zeebox

Zeebox was founded in 2011 by Anthony Rose and Ernesto Schmitt. The company employs 30 staff at its headquarters in Covent Garden, London. Zeebox is initially available only in the UK, but will soon launch across the world.

Zeebox is the new, social, interactive and immersive way to watch TV. It turns your iPad, tablet or laptop into an interactive companion that enhances whatever you watch on your main TV screen. Zeebox turns TV into a social event: it knows what you and your friends are watching, and it lets you all share, chat and tweet about whatever's on. It also understands what's on screen and helps you find out more about anything you're watching, in real-time: Rihanna, armadillos, the Olympics, whatever - with links (zeetags) popping up as if by magic as you watch. Zeebox also helps you buy or download things related to what you're watching, easily - apps, games, music, books, films, TV shows, you name it. It even acts as a remote control for connected TVs. It's like a quiet, cool, well-connected and unbelievably clever companion, right there on the sofa next to you.

About Desperate Scousewives

E4 is heading to Liverpool for a brand new series to meet the strong, independent women who quite literally run this town, aspiring to make a name for themselves in the city famous for its big personalities, big dreams and even bigger hair.

In a world revolving around football, fierce fashion, and famed for ‘the Wag look', Scouse girls and boys are all about having a ‘boss' night out on the town, as the ladies dress to impress 24/7 in a bid to bag themselves the man of their dreams.

The girls will spend every hard earned penny making sure they stand out from the crowd. And the boys of Liverpool have to work hard to keep up with them, woo them, and win their hearts. Welcome to Desperate Scousewives.

The series follows the next generation of Liverpudlians determined to show the UK just what they're all about. Behind the blonde hair, ‘Scouse eyebrows', football matches and club nights are real guys and girls determined to make a name for themselves, work hard and achieve a dream no matter how big or small.

The cast include one of the liveliest Liver Birds of Liverpool as she makes a welcome return to her home town to fulfil her dream to become the city's most sought after stylist. Two lovers' complicated relationship is laid bare as an old flame reveals she still has feelings for one of them too; and there's an almighty showdown at an awards do when a local star comes face to face with her enemy who's ready to spring some home truths...The full cast line up will be revealed on during Made In Chelsea, Monday 14th, at 10pm.



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