Channel 4 Paralympics work wins Campaign of the Year


As well as sweeping the board at the Promax Awards and the British Television Advertising Awards, Channel 4's work on the Paralympics has today been given the prestigious Campaign of the Year award by Campaign magazine.

The very sensible and intelligent people at Campaign said: "Rather than just being 'the bit after the Olympics' contested by people that elicit pity, the Paralympics became an event in itself fought by people who inspire awe. And so, in the space of just a few weeks, Channel 4's 'Meet the Superhumans' campaign changed the way that people in this country view disability - hopefully forever."

Channel 4's in-house creative resource, 4Creative, also won the best TV and Cinema ad for the ‘Meet the Superhumans' trail, a ‘goosebump-inducing piece of film... that adroitly upturns preconceived notions about the event, finally giving disabled athletes the billing they deserve.'

4Creative also had two entries in the top 10 poster ads of the year, with Homeland (3rd place) and the Paralympics ‘thanks for the warm-up' (8th place).

To say we are feeling disturbingly smug is an understatement. We are all just sitting around licking ourselves and giving our arms lovebites. Dan Brooke, Channel 4's Director of Marketing and Communications, singularly failed to capture the self-satisfaction on display when he commented: "The extraordinary Paralympians came, they saw and they conquered all our hearts. We, meanwhile, were lucky enough to be able to point a camera at them with reasonable competence."

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