Channel 4 Features commissions Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs

Channel 4 Features has commissioned a new three part series called Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs. The series will see homeless dogs given new homes as they are paired with people struggling with mental, physical or neurological disabilities and then trained over twelve weeks to be able to assist their new owners in their everyday lives.
The bond between dogs and humans is like no other. Dogs can feel empathy, read and react to human emotions, smell and sense chemical changes in bodies and most importantly, they love their owners unconditionally.

Most people are aware of guide dogs but in Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs these eager canines will train to help people with a wide range of other debilitating conditions from OCD to Tourette’s and from Narcolepsy to Paraplegia.

The series was commissioned by Helen Cooke, Channel 4 commissioning executive for Features. Rescue Dog to Super Dog will be made by Plimsoll Productions, with executive producer Karen Plumb.

Helen Cooke said: “This ground breaking training is extremely rare in the UK, so Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs will give dogs an opportunity to fins a loving, permanent home and in return they will change their owner’s lives for the better.”

Karen Plumb said: “Rescue dogs can often suffer with hyper attachment syndrome which can work in their favour when being intensively trained to assist people with life limiting conditions.”


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