Channel 4 commissions documentary horror series Nightmares (w/t)

Channel 4 today announced the commission of Nightmares (w/t) from Eleven. The docu-drama series will depict chilling tales of real life horror stories.

Each episode of Nightmares (w/t) will tell a single, spine-tingling story, drawing on eyewitness testimonies, brought to life through straight-to-camera documentary interviews and visually-striking, elegantly realised and terrifying drama.

Witnesses will recount stories of paranoia, paranormal activity and fear, explaining in candid detail how these seemingly inexplicable experiences affected their lives. Filmic dramatisation, realised by some of the UK’s most exciting writers and directors, will bring the stories to life in gripping detail, capturing every bump in the night.

The 4 x 60 series has been commissioned by Dom Bird, Head of Formats and will be produced for Channel 4 by Eleven under Executive Producers Joel Wilson, Jamie Campbell and Alex Marengo.

Dom Bird comments: “This series will deliver a haunting blend of first person testimony and cinematic drama, made all the more chilling with the knowledge that the stories are real.”

Joel Wilson, Eleven adds: “We’re very excited to be bringing Eleven’s expertise in both documentary and drama to the series. Don’t watch it alone.”

Nightmares (w/t) will air in 2017 on Channel 4.

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