Channel 4 commissions brand new format How the Other Half Eat

Channel 4 today announced the commission of a brand new 30’ format, How the Other Half Eat which will be produced by Twenty Twenty.

The show will follow two families, who while living within striking distance of each other are worlds apart in terms of the contents of their trolleys and the amount they spend on their weekly food shop. Their shopping and eating habits will be put under the microscope as they swap diets for four days.

With wildly different tastes, eating habits and budgets it won’t always be plain sailing and for some it will be the first time they’ve eaten ‘posh’, ‘value’, ‘convenience’ ‘foreign’ or ‘super’ foods. The families will also swap how and when they eat meaning fussy children or health nuts may suddenly find their regimes thrown into chaos as a diet of meat and two veg or no carbs is thrust upon them.

Once the swap is over the families will be decide whether they will change their eating habits for good, or go straight back to the old menu.

How the Other Half Eat was commissioned by Alex Menzies, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 Features. The show will be made by Twenty Twenty (a Shed Media Company) and will be executive produced by Twenty Twenty’s Director of Programmes Lisa Edwards.

Alex Menzies said: “This is a show that smuggles you into people’s lives and homes in a shopping bag. At some point everyone’s found themselves at the supermarket checkout staring in bewilderment at someone else’s food shop in HTOHE people are challenged to eat outside their comfort zone.”

Lisa Edwards added: “ This will be packed with take out not only on the real nutritional value of our weekly shop but also on the judgments we make about what other people eat.”

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