Channel 4 autumn, Christmas and winter information now available


This page is basically here to point you in another direction. Like those yellow diversion notices. Or those enormous signs that say Golf Sale that you occasionally see being wielded by former employees of Lehman Brothers. (Why, incidentally, is it always Golf Sales? Why is that the only type of sale that warrants a big sign? Has it been shown that only golfers react to luminous green lettering?)

Anyway, we're not trying to flog you a five-iron or a mashy niblick. We're trying to flog our programmes. Our autumn, Christmas and winter programmes, to be specific. And boy oh boy, are they belters? Yes, yes they are. So go and have a look here, and start planning your viewing for the next few months. Before you know it, it'll be spring, and you can emerge, blinking, into the sunlight, a wiser, abler, nicer and more entertained person. Just in time to settle down to our spring/summer programming.

It's either that or golf.

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