Channel 4 announces two new commissions featuring Dr Tori Herridge


Channel 4's Tori Herridge is set to return to our screens as the channel announces two new commissions with the return of Walking Through Time and a new three part series, Britain at Low Tide. Herridge is a palaeobiologist at the Natural History Museum where her research has used fossils from the Ice Age to investigate how and why evolution happens.

Walking Through Time will see Herridge build on the format established pilot 'The Megaflood that Made Britain'. The series will explore exciting subjects such as the huge meteorite that landed in Scotland, the battle of the sea beasts in England's Jurassic Park and the amazing story of the very last mammoths to graze British grasslands as recently as 14,000 years ago. Each episode will use state of the art drone filming in order to capture the expansive landscapes Herridge investigates. The three episodes featured in the series will study Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, The Shropshire Hills and The Scottish highlands.

Britain at Low Tide is a mixed menu archaeology format produced by Tern Television. In every episode, Tori Herridge and Alex Langlands, will strip back a different area of our coastline to tell a new story of our nation’s extraordinary maritime, industrial and natural history. Using the latest technology Britain at Low Tide will reveal one of the richest historical treasure troves on Earth. In the series, Herridge and her crack team of specialists will visit three coastal archaeological hot spots including: a lost pier and a WW1 seaplane launch site in Northumberland; The Maldon Barge Graveyard in Essex; and the very first lifeboat station in the country at Formby Sands in Lancashire.

Commissioning Editor, Sara Ramsden adds: "Tori has a wonderful infectious enthusiasm for the knowledge hidden in our British landscapes: She uncovers what the hills, beaches and cliffs tell us about the forces that have shaped them, what amazing creatures lived there in the past and what influence they've had on the lives of people who once lived there".

Notes for Editor:

Walking Through Time 3 x 60 - Renegade Pictures

Britain at Low Tide 3 x 60 - Tern Television


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