Channel 4 and Jaguar UK partner for major talent led campaign

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Channel 4 and Jaguar UK today announce a unique seven figure partnership launching with a bespoke TV ad campaign starring childhood versions of Channel 4’s Jimmy Carr and Sharon Horgan ‘showing their edge’, from Friday 1st December 2017.

The exclusive campaign will debut during Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast at approx.. 8.50pm with 2x20” spots featuring the ‘Future Channel 4 Funnyman’ and ‘Future Channel 4 Writer and Actor’ with their grown-up selves providing the voiceover.

The campaign celebrates people who choose to be themselves rather than conform to societal conventions and will run across Channel 4, Film 4, More 4 and All 4 throughout programming that appeals to a young and diverse audience. It will extend into 2018 with spots set to star further Channel 4 personalities.

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The partnership highlights Jaguar drivers’ ‘edge’ and aims to tap into Channel 4’s like-minded, young and up-market audience. The strategy and brand platform was developed by Jaguar’s creative agency Spark44. The creative development and production of the launch spots were developed by The Outfit, in conjunction with Spark 44.

For the 2018 phase of the campaign, Jaguar and partner agencies are working with Channel 4’s award-winning in-house creative agency 4Creative to maximise the campaign’s appeal among Channel 4 viewers.

The idea and media strategy were developed by Jaguar’s media agency Mindshare in collaboration with 4Sales’ creative approach PL4Y – both a culture and practice through which briefs are interrogated more ruthlessly in order to identify the best possible way Channel 4 can add value to a brand.

Felicity Ive, Deputy Agency Principal, Channel 4 said: "This is an incredibly exciting campaign for both Channel 4 and Jaguar that bucks the trend of traditional car advertising. The partnership is a great example of how 4Sales can work with a like-minded brand to deliver a creative marketing solution that will engage and entertain Channel 4 viewers, using our much-loved talent.”

Scott Dicken, Marketing Director, Jaguar Land Rover UK said: ''As the Jaguar brand grows we are looking at innovative and exciting ways to connect with new customers. With stand out unique programming and like minded viewers Channel 4 is the perfect partner.”

Ross Minton, Head of Partnerships, Mindshare “As a brand, Channel 4’s progressive, challenging personality is exactly where Jaguar is headed. Accessing Channel 4’s creative talent to help craft this work will allow us to genuinely show viewers the synergy between the two brands and launch Jaguars new brand direction with a bang.”

Niall Murdoch, Founding Partner, The Outfit said: “Jaguar and Channel 4 both have reputations for challenging conventions and inspiring change. The partnership gave us the opportunity to bring Jaguar’s brand essence to life in some playful stories of Channel 4 talent in their younger days explaining how they broke the boundaries and expressed their individuality as kids, all wrapped up in a very Channel 4 tone of voice.”

Chris McDonald and Matt Statham, UK Creative Directors, Spark44 said: “For Spark44, this was a great opportunity to collaborate and extend our work on Jaguar into a new space, combine talent and bring some great Channel 4 icons to the life in an unexpected way”


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